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Bedford Beer Festival: Report

From: (Barry R)
Subject: [F] Bedford Beer Fest. Report and Quote file
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 23:38:36 +0100
Message-ID: <>

On the whole there is not much to report for the festival.


Gid, Suzi, Barry R, Russell, Thomas, Dave "The Lard Man" Laird, (his 
first ever meet), and Julia Harris (not Jones ;) )

Gid, Suzi, and YHN arrived at about a quarter to seven (to words of 
congratulations on our choice of T-shirts), and hired our glasses. 
Gid directed Suzi and YHN towards the first of the beers he could 
recommend, and drinking began. 

After this it becomes rather repetitive, ala 
Drink, try next, start again.

that is until YHN and Suzi found the Sweet Perry, and settled down 
to enjoy a really lovely drink.

Russell arrived at about half seven, Thomas about ten minutes after 
that, and Dave not longer after Thomas. Big Jules arriving shortly 
after ten. 

We were joined temporarily by one of the people serving drinks when 
he saw the abundance of Pratchett T-shirts, and also drew the 
comment from another "Is there a Pratchett convention in town?"

Some people adjourned for some food (sausages-inna-bun, chicken, or 
jacket spuds), while the rest stayed downstairs to enjoy the beer.

Dave left after a few hours, after being hugged, Thomas shortly 
afterwards, and the rest of us drank until last orders. All departed 
with hugs (and strange looks from some of the other festival Go-
ers), and made our way back to our homes/crashspaces.

Quote file:

What beer next? - Everyone

Decisions on the drinks

Charles Wells - Eagle - 6/10
Potton - Phoenix - 6/10
Isle Of Skye - Red Cuillin - 7/10
City of Cambridge - Hobsons Choice - 7/10
City of Cambridge - JetBlack - 8/10
King and Barnes - Broadwood - 8/10
Rebellion - Smuggler - 8/10
Grainstore - Harvest - 8/10 
Fenland - Fenland Brewery Bitter - 8/10
Hopback - Summer Lightning - 9/10
Franklyn - Sweet Perry - 15/10  (Luvvly stuff)

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

Gid: I've noticed the more spammers I kill, the less spam I get.
Barry: Yes, I've noticed that too. The more spammers you kill the 
less spam I get.

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