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Ash Vale Rockymeet: Report

From: (Murky and PThomas and Gid and Suzi and Monica, oh, and Rocky too)
Subject: Ash Vale Meet Report [F]
Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 11:34:44 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Rockymeet: Ash Vale Meet  10/10/1998 (10/10/98 for Merkins)

Paul Rood
Karen (Vixen) Kruzycka
Alan Bellingham
Darrell Ottery
Adrian Ogden
Thomas Pratchett

Meet Report: 
It was a dark and stormy night... actually, I lied.

The Rood (et Vixen) arrived out of the rather balmy evening and we
watched The Simpsons. With Rocky, Murky and Monica.

Suzi and Gid had a broken cam belt somewhere on the M1.

Adrian Ogden arrived.

We watched more Simpsons.

Alan and Colette arrived. 

Yet more Simpsons.

Darrell rang up, lost about 20 yards from the turning to the road. We
flashed the living room lights on and off in the hope that he would
find us. He didn't. Rocky and Murky stood outside and waved a lot at
any car going past.

Darrell had given a seat in the car to PThomas - for some reason.

We adjourned to the pub.

The first pub had no seats, so we went to the next. The next had
tables, but Alan wanted to go back to the first as it had better beer.

We stayed, and the barmaid enthusiastically invited us to rearrange
the furniture and make ourselves comfortable (it was a slow evening) -
the barmaid later recommended the FIRST pub to PThomas.

Rocky bought out some clockwork minis... we had great fun emulating
'The Italian Job', attempting to make the minis scatter in a realistic
way and hide in the crevices of PThomas' hat (which was being used as
a kitty) - this failed.

It didn't help when the minis were also used to propel stuffed ducks
across the tabletop. Paul had a great skill for tricks with clockwork

Gid and Suzi arrived and were shown the delights of a mini propelled

Much Abba was played on the jukebox - and Darrell failed to find much
that was bitter and twisted, though according to Gid that was because
he's Mr. Fluffywuffy now.

Alan spent the evening reading Carpe Jugulum, and got to page 158
before he had to give it back. Colette revealed with great pleasure
that she still owes Terry 20 minutes.

Pool was played. Karen *just* beat Murky... there were some more games
but nobody can remember who won.

We left the pub.

Darrell went home.

We went to the Curry house and doubled their take for the evening.
Murky burned his fingers on the balti dish (there were no candles).
Paul insisted that he wasn't very hungry, but he managed....

We did take a long time to get seated because there was another party
there and they were 'a bit rowdy' so the man didn't want to place us
near them!

We came back to the house, and watched 'Muppet's Tonight' - Whoopi
Goldberg and Pierce Brosnan - the out takes were popular. (No

Adrian, Alan and Colette went home.

People went to sleep.

Public Health Warning: Paul Rood Snores. PThomas isn't a pretty sight
in the mornings... or the evenings for that matter. Then you knew that

In the morning, garlic bread was made, carefully. Rocky was asleep in
the kitchen and we didn't like to drop hot, steaming, garlic bread
into his sleeping bag. (Well, Murky didn't, some people may have done
but fortunately they are not entrusted with food preparation).

The Tony Bennett episode of MT was watched. (Who's my stinky little

UK Gold was then put on, and a Doctor Who series was ridiculed in one
morning. It was one with Jon Pertwee, the Daleks and the Ogrons (who
look like Klingons without the cornish pasties slapped to their

After this we typed the meet report, and waited for the delivery of
some furniture. However, you don't want to know about that.

Eventually, everyone went home. That hasn't happened yet so we can't
tell you much about it. If you don't hear about a horrendous car
accident on the M25 then you can assume that this went okay.


Murky: I want to try the seal again!

Murky: I can't make it work...

Murky: Why are they showing mens' bottoms? oh, wait, they're womens'

Paul Rood: That's it, pull out and then back to the hand... (?)

Murky: Paul! Gerroff! Paul!

Murky: What colour's yours?
Gid: I don't have any...

Murky: I've never had so much fun without batteries (intentional

Gid: I play with it so often, I don't get any

Monica: Yeuch! I felt that!

That'll do for now....

Murky and PThomas and Gid and Suzi and Monica, oh, and Rocky too
       \\\\\\\__o    Reforming the church of the Hedgehog

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