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From: "Stewart Tolhurst" <>
Subject: [F] Oxford 10/10 Meet Report and Quotefile
Date: 12 Oct 1998 20:01:46 GMT
Message-ID: <01bdf619$92c5e520$>

Contrary to popular Oxford meets are not always too popular!!  I
think we suffered somewhat from an excess of AFP things happening
this weekend (Oxford, Bedford and London!).

Anyway the attendees were

Parte the First

Stewart Tolhurst
Chris Horry
John Barberio

Parte the seconde

Stewart Tolhurst
Chris Horry
John Barberio
John Warden

(plus associated hangers on!!)

I proceeded to the Turf and spent the next 10 minutes wondering round
aimlessly wondering why I had volenteered to organise this and trying
to find a reasonable sized table!!
Anejo (who had allowed an hour to get to the pub in case the
instructions were dodgy - such little faith...) spotted me and we
then pondered whether this may in fact be the smallest meet in the
history of AFP....  However our fears where unfounded as first
Kheldar, then Chris Horry made themselves known.  John Barberio
eventually joined the group having been lurking for about 45 minutes
(we  were going to approach him on the next circuit - honest!) -
prominently displaying Anejo's copy of TLC might have helped!!  John
brought further material to advertise our purpose - maya chocolate
and chocolate coated coffee beans (which have cause both myself and
Chris Horry to change our AFP codes).Lonewolf was the last to join
the happy throng having been in the pub for over an hour now being
able to spot us!!  After lunch (or two in Kheldar's case) and much
beer Anejo departed to a 21st Birthday party but vowed to return! 
Kheldar then had to vanish as RL was calling!!  The remainder of the
group then adjurned to Waterstones to buy PTerry books in the hope of
making ourselves more prominent in the Eagle and Child (CH bought
Sourcery, I bought the Watch Diary and Lonewolf bought the Discworld
Once in the Eagle and Child things were in danger of quietening down
until we were "Ailbhe'd" as the lady in question (whose name I will
never forget how to pronounce after having to pay a number of fines),
Adrian and John Warden appeared (adding a significant amount of life
to the occasion).  John B's chocolate coffee beans may have also
helped liven things up as most of them were scoffed at this point! 
Anejo re-appeared later (together with a group dragged from party)
and things started to get rather silly and drunken.  It was during
this time that Chris and Anjeo tried to up their AFPurity by getting
married...  not sure of the legality of the situation though - I feel
that John Warden should adjudicate (as he was the designated driver
and stone cold sober.....)
Finally we got chucked out of the Eagle and Child and the group went
their separate ways....

Special credit must be given to Chris Horry who really really
intended to go home after "parte the first" but somehow didn't......


Kheldar: There are far too many Americans on

Anejo: I think of Gid as a big beard

Kheldar: "I think Gid is just a beard on legs"
Chris H: "You could also say Ailbhe is a personality on legs :)"    

Kheldar: Where are you going?
Chris Horry: Aylesbury.
Kheldar: Don't.

Stewart: That really is the coffee and chocolate experience

John B: "Has anyone ever noticed how afp meets always end up being
the same as afp?"
*embarassed silence*  

Chris H to Ailbhe: "You are devilishly attractive"

Ailbhe: "Polygamy is excellant"

Anjeo: "Oh it does tickle"

Ailbhe: "But he's got his clothes on...."

Chris H to Anjeo: "You are wonderful and sexy"

Anjeo to Chris H: "You are wonderful and sexy"

Potientially libelious text by Stewart

Quotes by Chris Horry, Anejo and Stewart

Stewart Tolhurst -
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