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From: Maurice Barnes <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Nottingham Beer Festival & Walking Meet 16th Oct.
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 19:02:16 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Right, the Nottingham afp crowd will be gathering (beer, not rhubarb)
on the 16th of this month for an evening of beer and....probably more
beer at the Nottingham Beer Festival.

This is to be held at the Victoria Leisure Centre in Sneinton (yes
that is how you spell it) in Nottingham from 5pm to 11pm on Friday
night and 11am-11pm on Saturday.

I propose that people meet up at the festival on the Friday evening
and decide on Saturdays activities then as the weather round here get
a bit unpredictable at this time of year.  In other words, it will
more than likely be raining <g>.

The general idea for Saturday is walking in the Peak District before
returning to the beer festival sometime in the afternoon/evening but
there are plenty of other things to do if it's raining.

I'll be driving anyway so don't worry about not being able to drink
much on the Friday evening.  Not that it hasn't worried people in the

Let me know if you're interested.

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From: Maurice Barnes <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Details for Nottingham Beer Festival & Walking meet.  16th/17th October.
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 20:45:37 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Right some more details to bring things into focus (as I doubt they
will be by 10pm Friday <g>).

Meet at the Beer festival at 7pm.

The Victoria Leisure Centre is located to the East of the city centre
on he corner of Gedling Street and Bath Street.  Gedling Street can be
found off Lower Parliament Street.  

Directions from the A52 from the west of Nottingham (those coming from
the east should turn off for Trent Bridge and then after Passing the
Trent Bridge Inn trun right onto London road to join the following
directions at *)

 Keep going all the way to Nottingham until the island with the Queens
Medical Centre and Nottingham University.  Turn right here onto
Clifton Boulevard and then come off at the next island with the
flyover and turn left.  Go straight on at the lights and at the next
roundabout turn right onto Castle Boulevard.  At the end of this road
there is a bit of a one-way system which takes you round a big car
park.  At this point follow the signs for Trent Bridge until the next
big island (*) which has the new BBC offices on the far side(*on the
right in the case of *). Turn left (*Straight on*) here up Bellar Gate
(This next bit is one-way) past the ice stadium on the right and then
up Bellward St.  Turn right onto Hockley St. and then cross over Lower
Parliament Street along Gedling St and the Victoria leisure Centre is
on the left after the turning for Brook St..  phew.

We'll decide on Saturday's activities on the Friday night as I'm not
sure at this stage what people fancy doing and the weather may well
dictate the choices avaliable.

I think that's about it, apart from asking those regulars to BE
VISABLE as we may have a few people who are unaccustomed to the
frivolities of meets joining us.

Be happy people and see you on Friday.

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