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Nottingham Beer Festival & Walking Meet: Report

From: * (Maurice Barnes)
Subject: [F]Notts Beer and Walking Meet Report.
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 1998 22:16:05 GMT
Message-ID: <70gdob$b6n$>

Occuring over the weekend of the 16th-18th of October, a small select
band of AFPers gathered in the town of Nottingham.

Those were:

Maurice Barnes
Janice Wright
Mike Knell
Andy Brown & other

Meeting at the beer festival, drinking occoured, some of which

Cambrinus -The Reckoning
Castle Rock - NPA
Church End - Chocolate
Church End - Cherry
Coach House  -Gunpowder Strong Mild
Darwin - Evolution Ale
Hampshire - Lionheart
Harviestoun - Brookers Bitter and Twisted
Kelham Island - Pale Rider
Rooster - Yankee

There were others that we didn't get to taste such as the:

Frog Island "Five Bellied Toad"
Mallard "Duck n'Dive"
Picks "Bedlam Bitter"
Anything from Titanic
Woodfordes "Baldric"
Church End "Bananananana"
I am assured the ciders were not good and that the Perries were also
not the best.

Converstaion was limited as the froup was standing next to the stage
and speakers in the only bit of clear floor.  More than one attendee
did a double-take at SM's furry friend <g>.

Hey, there was serious drinking to be done <g>.

I should point out that at this point the ppint had not yet arrived.

After deciding the next days activities we split and Janice and I came
back to irc, re-conviening on the bus with mpk and wondering why so
many sprogs were out in Nottingham at 11pm on a Friday night.  Rob
Collier was called from the bus to gauge his attendance for the next

After a period on irc and about an hour's sleep ppint arrived at
approx 2.10am having been forced to take a most extraordinary detour
and thus adding time to his journey.


Breakfast and on to Matlock for walking like noises, though for the
first 2 hours or so this consisted of slurping noises in the coffee
shop.  Lunch was had, and walking of part ofthe Peak Rail footpath
commenced, we etoured up to Darley dale and then I found an uphill bit
which led to a nicely gladey wood with ferns and other hortic things I
could happily geek about <g>.

A family of wild boar were photographed in the rain in an enclosure
before retuning on the downhill bit to the JD Weatherspoons pub in
Matlock for a three hour warm/dry/drink.

Evening was spent not at the Beer festival but at the Vic in Beeston
as Forest were at home.  This was deemed to be the place to eat and
chat for the evening and peruse Con photos.


Janice didn't have to catch the train until the evening so with ppint
and I sallied forth into the wilds of Shipley Park to the NW of
Ilkeston for a far less uphill/downhill experience and a look at
people being dropped from heights at the Merkin Adventure World theme
park in the valley below.  Addicting Canada Geese to (f)Lindt and
failing hoplessly to throw ppints boomerang properly although coming
close to self-decapitation.  Lunch was had at the visitor centre and
exhibits perused before wnding our was back to base for Janice to
catch her train.

Things geeked:

OS's again
Work Experience (interns for merkins)
The advantages of opposible thumbs

Feel free to add to, denounce as heresy or think of any quotes as you

Maurice Barnes -
"There's no need to get dramatic" said Dougal "but there may
be something in what you say."

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