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Cambridge AFPBirthday 1.0: Announce

From: (Peter J. I. Ellis)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] AFPCam -- the return of the Beast
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 21:23:55 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Consider this a preannounce for the preannounce of an announce, or 

Basically, considering the success of the last AFPCam, I've decided that 
we should do it again, only bigger, better, louder and with more 

Obviously, the earlier the announcement, the more chance we have to get 
people to turn up to it, so here goes.

Date:  24th of October [1]
Place: Ancient Druids pub, Napier St, Cambridge [2]
Time:  7 pm onwards
Dress: Yes
Plan:  Drink, chocolate, witter, bounce, boing, drink and curry, in that 

Email me if you plan to turn up so I can get an idea of numbers.

The Druids *will* allow children, so any podlings are welcome and will 
be enthused over by lots of soft-hearted afpers. [3]

Hopefully with this much advance warning we should be able to break the 
record for AFPCam attendance (currently standing at about 25, I 
believe).  Any chance of the foreigners (NL, Ireland, Merkia, Oz etc.) 
among us being able to turn up?

Anyhow, see you all there.


[1] The more observant amongst you will notice that this is an ideal 
opportunity to celebrate Hallowe'en [4].  I doubt costumes would go down 
well at the pub, but surely cc-things could be adapted to suit and some 
kind of silliness could occur.  Email if you have any ideas...

[2] I'll post another [announce] nearer the time with ye traditional 
ASCII Mappe for the route to the Druids.

[3] ... and then sacrificed by the Cthulhu-sect amongst us, natch.

[4] The psychic amongst you will also know that this is an ideal time to 
celebrate my 21st birthday, which falls on Hallowe'en this year.  It's 
also near to the One True Relative's birthday as well, so this will be a 
triple celebration... [5]

[5] Anyone else with birthdays / anniversaries etc. within a month 
either way are welcome to adopt this AFPmeet as an official 
celebration...  no doubt there'll be enough cc-things to provide 
prezzies for all.

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From: Andy Fawcett <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] AFPCam 5ish -- AFPBirthday 1.0 alpha release
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 21:35:33 +0100
Message-ID: <>


[I've announced this as coming from me, since Peter is without access at
the moment. I'll forward any replies to him later in the year. Also,
I've fixed the line-lengths.    --Tap]

Following on from the tumult of the last AFPCam, there will be another
on the 24th of  October; which I hope will be at least as successful.

But this is a Meet with a Difference.....

It is a BIRTHDAY meet!  <shock, horror>

The celebration in question is... well, sort of generic really.

It's my 21st on Hallowe'en
It's also Vicci's birthday on Hallowe'en
And the brithday of the One True Relative is around the same time.
And Loriba's birthday,
And a couple of anniversaries.
And other causes for celebration, not the least of which is 
                                   "Just because".

So, it falls upon your humble servant to organdise you into turning up
for a sort of unified  celebration.

Place:       Cambridge
Pub:         The Castle [1]
Time:        I'll be there from 6pm
Clothes:     Yes

There are places to park in central Cambridge, within a few minutes'
walk of the pub.

About food: It has been suggested that the proliferation of cc-things
at the last meet might not go down too well at the Castle, since it
serves its own (quite good) food ---  the Plan  (such as it is) is for
those who want to eat to just order pub food as and when.  I doubt 
they'd object if someone were to bring along a birthday cake; but
there may well be trouble if *everybody does*

So, as I see it, the best way is for anyone thinking to supply a cake
to email me; and I can then sort out who should bring what so as not
to antagonise the Castle.  

Apart from birthday cakes, it's probably best if people don't bring
other foodstuffs -- so this  means the chocolate-coated marrows,
humourous turnips etc. will have to wait until some  other time, some
other place :)

I'll reannounce this again in about a month or so -- my hope is that
by announcing this far in  advance, then people can actually plan it
into their diaries instead of scrambling at the last  minute -- with
luck we'll get even more people than last time (maybe even some of the 
London lot or some miscellaneous foreigners will be able to come, who

Full details of how to get to the place [1] will have to wait until
the reannounce, since I can't  check them at the moment, since I'm not
back at College till next term.  This also means I  don't have Usenet
or email access at the moment, so if you're terminally confused about
this  meet; DON'T PANIC -- all will be revealed at the start of next
term in about a month or so...

(I'm typing this in a rather expensive cybercafe in Glastonbury, so if
the line length on this  is all screwy and the URLs broken, bear in
mind I'm working on Nutscrape 2 on a chiffy  old Mac, neither of which
I've ever had the misfortune to use before...)

See you all then!

Peter Ellis

      shows some parking places, and
      should have some information about the Castle somewhere...

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From: Carol <>
Subject: [F] Wyrd Sisters In Ipswich
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 19:53:24 +0100
Message-ID: <>

I noticed t'other day that Wyrd Sisters is being performed in Ipswich at
the end of this month. Same weekend as the Cambs meet in fact (Oct 23rd

Would people be interested in possibly combining the two - maybe Wyrd
Sisters on the Friday followed by the Cambs thing on the Saturday?

Let me know if you want more details


* Carol Willis - The DMWCarol - / *
* * * * *    All acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals    * * * * * 
* * * *    So, be excellent to each other, and party on dudes   * * * *

From: Peter Ellis <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] AFPBirthday 1.0 in Cambridge -- 24th October meet
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 18:59:58 +0100
Message-ID: <>


OK, time for another consciousness-raising announce from the pen [1] of
your humble [2] correspondent, using yet another unfamiliar newsreader
on yet another system.  Damn, I'll be glad when the college sorts me out
my own connection for another year...

Anyway, here goes <clears throat>

There will be a BIG BAD BIRTHDAY MEET in Cambridge on the 24th of
October.  All are invited.

Place:        The Castle pub, Castle St, Cambridge.
Time:         6pm onwards.
Clothes:      Yes, if you really want.
Bring:        Yourselves.
Don't Bring:  Food  [3]

The reason for all this jollity is as follows...

I have a birthday, as does Carol's adorable little flirt^Wdaughter
Vicci, on the 31st.  Lottie has a birthday at around the same time. 
PThomas claims to have an 18th birthday, too [4].  Also, a little birdie
tells me that TOTKat is similarly afflicted, so all-in-all, it's a good
excuse for a piss-up^Wmeet.

And, of course, the main reason for the meet is BECAUSE I SAID SO.  I
can organise a meet if I want to, can't I?  Because I am the Director,
and the Director's word is "splush"[5].  So you're all to turn up on
pain of pain, or I'll.... I'll..... I'll *sulk*, that's what.  And you
won't get any hugs if you don't turn up....  No!  Wait!  Come back!


Anyway, enough of such gay badinage!  Here are the TECHNICAL DETAILS
(ooer) of the unfortunate venue.

There is a (104 kb) map of Cambridge at

With a little imagination, one can see how the Pub Map of Cambridge at       
fits into the scene.

The above should give information about car parks and so on, though I
believe the Castle has some parking facilities of its own.  It's on
Castle Hill, so should be easy to find...

Children are acceptable at the Castle, so by all means bring them if you
have any (or even hire some for the occasion).

The Castle serves food, (hence the prohibition on excessive chocolate)
- -- there are also curry houses nearby if anyone feels so inclined, but
the plan is just to eat at the Castle as and when people so desire.

I'd like everyone who wants to come to email me so I can get an idea of
numbers -- if enough turn up I may be able to convince the Castle to get
a late licence, which would be excellent -- but they'd need to know that
there will be enough people to justify this.

About crashspace -- I can't promise anything as yet, but I know there
are several afpers living in the Cambridge area (i.e. *living*, not
College rooms), and others who have local friends, so there *may* be
some available.  Would anyone who can offer crashspace EMAIL ME ASAP.

I'll reannounce this a week before the meet, with details of whatever
crashspace has become available by then....

*Hugs* to all -- see you on the 24th!

[1]  OK, OK, not pen.... typing fingers.  That better, pedants?

[2]  Don't say a thing.....

[3]  This is *important* -- since we're going to be eating there, and
I'm going to try to sweet-talk them into getting a late licence, it's
important not to abuse their hospitality by just turning up with too
much of our own edibles.  CCCBs, OK, maybe (but if *everyone* brings
them then that's too much so....)
Given that this is a birthday meet, a cake or two might be OK if I warn
the pub about it first -- if anyone wnats to bake a cake, email me and
I'll see what the pub say...

[4]  PThomas coming of age?  Maturity at last?  <shudder>

[5]  I wanted the Director's word to be "final", but apparently it was
already taken.  "Splush" was on sale, so I had that instead.

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From: Peter Ellis <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] CHANGE OF VENUE for AFPBirthday in Cambs on the 24th
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 20:40:49 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Due to an unfortunate occurrence beyond my control, the meet will not be 
in the Castle as planned -- some random person decided to have a wedding 
party there...

So, I've huffed and I've puffed, I've schemed and steamed, and found us 
an alternative site.

New details:

Date:    24th of October
Time:    6:00 pm

Venue:   THE ANCIENT DRUIDS, Napier St.

The Druids is a large pub which doesn't mind children or birthday cakes 
(in moderation), and also serves food.  There is also a curry place 
handy should people so desire.

The official ASCII Mappe for getting to the Druids runs thusly:

             North  _

                    //     |Magdalene     |         Cam
                   //John's|              |           \============
               /==//    ---+              |     Midsummer Common
              //       /   |        Jesus |                          |
             //Trinity/    +-Jesus-Lane---O-------------+------------O
            //       /     |             /|             |           /
                    /   Sidney          / |             |* Druids
                    |      St   King-St/  |           (on Napier Street)
                    |      |   /          |
               +----+      |  Hobson      |               /\
             TH|Caius      |  / St                       /||\
               |    |      | /                          / || \
               +----+      |/Christ's                  /  ||  \
               |           |                              ||
                        St Andrews                        ||
                           St                             ||

In case this is gibberish, I refer the seeker back to

The pub is beside the Grafton Centre, where there should be parking for 

Sorry about the kerfuffle, see you there!


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