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Cambridge AFPBirthday 1.0: Report

From: (Barry R)
Subject: [F] Cambridge Birthday Meet Report and quote file
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 22:47:02 -0000
Message-ID: <>


Julia Harris, Megamole, Suzi, Gid, Emma Tinsley, Anejo, Kheldar, Peter, 
Jonathan, Nick and Sarah, Charles Collicutt, Selina (with friends Emma, 
Brian, and Barry), Leo Barium, David Damerell + SO, Lottie, Maurice, 
Thomas, Sonic the Screwdriver, LNR, Ben Hutchings, Jester, Supermouse, 
Tap, Carol, Dale, Vicci, Richard Kettlewell, Barry R, and Little A'Tuin.

Given the size of the meet, YHN couldn't be everywhere at once.

The meet for him consisted of; 

User-friendly Cartoons, 
Megamole and the AFPMadrigal Society performing at him.
and being used as a seat :)

oh, and there were some quotes too...

YHN arrived at about 17:45 to the hello's of many AFP'ers, who had 
commandeered a corner of the pub, and the gentle strains of the 
AFPMadrigal Society having a practice. . Greetings were made, and hugs 
were given and received, and many names had faces put to them. 

Soft cuddly toys appeared, among them two nessies, the Baby Seal of 
Approval (which received the usual chorus of aahhhhh!s), and a small sown 
turtle, which was promptly christened Little A'Tuin. After YHN persuaded 
Megamole that he couldn't sing Bass (thanks for the seconding Suzi), 
conversation returned to the musical discussion that was going on 

More attendees arrived, and more greetings were made, and conversation 
quickly fragmented. More attendees arrived, and things started to really 
get fun. Megamole, Peter, and Kheldar continued geeking music; Some User 
friendly comic strips were produced and declared funny by most people; 
and Peter found himself handcuffed with a silk scarf. More people arrived 
and conversations became very hard to follow. Gid and Leo began geeking 
Welsh, and frightening poor MiQ in the process. Carol produced a 
motorised hedgehog, which proceeded to "have fun" with a smaller fluffy 
animal. The meet began to spread out and occupy more of the pub. 

>From this point on, things became to hectic for YHN to follow. He began 
to talk to Nick, Jester, about the various lusers encountered in the 
computer industry, (Nick supplied a very funny story about a Luser that 
phoned the helpdesk to complain that the coffee machine had been removed 
from outside his office). He remembers that there was a lot of backrubs 
going on, (and Carol didn't receive one). He remembers the Kheldar was 
subjected to some advanced torture techniques by Vicci who refused to 
give him a hug for almost the entire evening, only hugging him right at 
the end of the night. He remembers saying goodbye, and getting more hugs.

Any event after that will have to be recounted by someone else, as I 
haven't managed to get the hang of remote psychic reporting.

Other than that, he opens the floor to memories other people have...

The Quote File.

My point about Handel is he was severely beaten up by a tenor. - Kheldar

Ah, a Wibble on the n, that explains a lot. - Kheldar on how Anejo is 

I'm fed up with him quoting me. - Gid.

To take three very well known examples, ummm... - Kheldar.

Help, They're Welsh Geeking - MiQ.

I'm not actually particularly perverted. - Selina.
But you _can_ be persuaded...?  - Megamole.

What's going on??? I've been tied up!!! - Peter.

Just 'cos you're more attractive than me, s'not my fault. - Kheldar
Can I have that in writing please!!! - Barry R

I'm not staring at your tits, I'm resting my head on them and staring at 
Lottie's. -Peter

I'm not being sneaky, I'm being Blatant. - Tap

The only thing I've pulled is a muscle. - Jon

I have to twizzel it, or the tassels confuse me. - Peter

It completely destroys your self of sense-worth. - Anejo

My body's not so much a temple, as much of a pleasure palace. - Carol

What you've got there is head. - Kheldar

What's going on here? - Sonic
Nothing, except for talk about sex and black leather. - Megamole

Put you chest away before I have to launch myself across the table. - 
Julia to Tap.

Are his [Megamole's] hands warm? - Tap
Yes - Jules.
They should be, He's just farted on them. - Tap

Gid's is soft... Imeanthishair. - Julia

If you've got the money for it, it helps. MiQ

Get on with it Thomas. - Megamole
I am! - Thomas.
Not even Viagra is that quick. - Julia

AFP stands for Alt.Fan.Pratchettt doesn't it? - Vicci
No, it stands for Alt Find-a.Partner. - Carol
Yes!!!!! - Big Jules

You're just a hug slut - Tap to Julia

I went as a tart. Fishnets and everything - Kheldar
You actually shaved your legs? - Anejo
Yes. For the next six weeks your legs are on fire. - Kheldar

It's shrunk - Nick

Mind you, It's amazing the stories you hear about Pthomas. - Nick

Ging-gang-gooliegooliegoolie HEDGEHOG! - Julia

It's a Cabal member. - Nick on seeing the hugging teletubby.

They're very impressive aren't they. - Ben
Especially when they blow up and kill 200 people. - MiQ

"The Ambassadors party" - Megamole
"Reception" - Leo
Oh god, Ferrero Rocher geeking!!! - Megamole

Thats all for now folks. 

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

In Carols Heap, In Lottie's Scrum, In Ailbhe's Queue, 
A Part of the Collective, A Member of the Harem, AFPShrink to MEG,
AFPfianceed to Lindsay, and revealing that He and Selina have been having 
an AFPliaision. 

From: (Barry R)
Subject: [F] Cambs Meet Photos
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 19:17:03 -0000
Message-ID: <>

Just a quick post to let everyone know that photos from the Cambs 
meet are now viewable at;

That's all.

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

In Carols Heap, In Lottie's Scrum, In Ailbhe's Queue, 
A Part of the Collective, A Member of the Harem, AFPShrink to MEG,
AFPfianceed to Lindsay, and AFPOtherhalf to Selina. 

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