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Meet Inna Queueueueueue: Report

From: (Barry R)
Subject: [F] Meet ina Queueueue. Report and Quote File.
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 21:26:34 -0000
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Gid, Suzi, Pthomas, Ailbhe, Adrian, Janice, Colette, Alan, Warwick, 
Johanna, Karen, Paul R, Megamole, An~ejo, Gideon, Random, Jason, 
Lonewolf, Tina Hannan, Rob (Ergonomist), Simon Callan, Doc, TOTKat, 
Tom Pearson, Murky, Rob Wilkins, Sully, Eoin[2], yhn.
(and we also briefly had a Bernard Pearson)


As I wasn't the first queueueueuer to queue I can't say much about 
what happened before I got there, so I'll leave that to others...

The Queueueue was about 6 strong when I joined, and had already 
produced cuddly toys. Most of the next half hour was taken up by the 
usual discussions, (chocolate, Pterry, King of the Hill, Simpsons, 
and Blazing Saddles). Also discussed was the fact that, as well as 
computer characters, female comic characters also seem to defy 
gravity, (prompted by Barry reading his "Ghost" Comic). We were 
joined by other afp'ers, including the beatific Johanna. While 
queueueueueing, the group were treated to the Wotjacallum Players 
promoting their Play of Carpe Jugulum in full dress. 

Shameless plug space...

Carpe Jugulum, 
Hammersmith Riverside Studios
10th, 11th, 12th, 13th November
0181 237 1111

I know it's been announced, but this is a favour to someone... :)

An~ejo liked the erm... Costume... of the man playing Mightily Oats, 
while most of the male population liked a certain other costume that 
will remain undescribed for purity reasons... :)

After having our books signed, we split up, and some adjourned to do 
some shopping. 

Returning to the Conservatory, yhn found it shut, and was notified 
that the rest of them were in the Angel, (the pub originally 
suggested by ppint). Joining them there, yhn made a quick note of 
who else was there before disappearing for a short time to take care 
of some private matters. Returning some time after to find that many 
of the queueueuers had joined to pub. bernard made a quick 
appearance, and made it known that a Model^Wwork of art of the 
seamstresses guild would some be underway. 

>From now on the meet report gets sketchy, as I decided to partake of 
the meet, rather than observe...

Things discussed included the C4 program "Monkey Business", 
specifically the little ooklings, As well as the fact that in Neal 
Street East, there is a hairdressers named Windle Hairdressers. Some 
people read books in the corner of the pub, Ailbhe Ailbhe'd, Photos 
were taken, and a sleeping Colette looked peaceful. An~ejo was seen 
to be almost melting while receiving a massage from two other 

Toward the end of the evening, two people who were sitting at a 
table we had been using asked if any of us had played Discworld II, 
and could any help be given if we had. Gideon quickly supplied them 
with the information they needed to carry on their gaming quest, and 
when he found out that they didn't read the books, yhn attempted to 
bring the word of PterryOBE to more of the masses. He thinks it 
worked. muahahahaha!!!!!

After leaving the pub, those afp'ers that were left adjourned to a 
fish and chip shop to obtain sustenance, and began a trek to the 
underground station known as Oxford Circus. Just as we approached 
the station, Lonewolf suddenly found that he had left his bag in the 
pub, and the last view the rest had was him quickly making his way 
back down Oxford Street (meep meep seems appropriate at this point.

The rest of us made our way to the needed platforms, and began our 
journey home. 

Quote File:

As I get older, it takes longer. - Pterry on signing books.

Have you pulled this teddy yet? - Megamole.

Mmm, your sweat smells nice. - Ailbhe.

Can I have another ad for the wizards knob? - Owen.

You've got your wrist movement smoother. Most 14yr old males have 
that motion down pat. - Bernard.

For Gods sake get me some religious icons. Paul Rood.

I am submissive, meek, mild, fragile, frail, vulnerable. - Ailbhe.

He is really stunningly sexy, but I wouldn't kiss him. - Ailbhe.

Go and Be Blase over there... - Ailbhe.

There's this lump on my leg that won't quit... - Megamole.
It's your foot. - Adrian

Pass the sick-bucket. - Gideon

You're not the one kissing him. - Ailbhe (about Adrian)
A fact of which I'm constantly grateful. - Gideon.

Thomas is Lala. - Gideon

I can't do it on demand. - Lonewolf.

You ^%$"^. - Megamole

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

In Carols Heap, In Lottie's Scrum, In Ailbhe's Queue, 
A Part of the Collective, A Member of the Harem, AFPShrink to MEG,
AFPfianceed to Lindsay, and AFPOtherhalf to Selina. 

[2] or Owen, didn't ask how it was spelt. [3]
[3] oops

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