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Cardiff Signing: Report

From: Leo Barium <>
Subject: [F] Cardiff signing/non-meet
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 21:23:23 +0000
Message-ID: <>

   whatever you might think, this is *not* a meet report. No...I'm not
doing Vetinariesque diplomacy, I'm being honest. I have *not* just come
back from an afp meet, just, maybe, a gathering of a couple of people,
who happen to read/have read AFP.

Anyway, this was my signing (times approx.):

4:05 Arrived Blackwells, loitered around PTerry display, surreptitously
looing for anyone who might be an AFPer.

4:10 Spotted someone who mught *just* be Iwan Lamble (having only seen
him for about 15 seconds on a GCSE bitesize revision programme).
Nonchanantly tried to work out whether it really was him without risking
being made to look stupid, by asking him and being told that he wasn't.

4:11 Gave up being nonchalent and asked whether he really was Iwan. Was
told that he was, indeed, Iwan, and who might I be? Decided to wait for
MEG, who was intending to arrive at about quarter past.

4:30 Wandered towards the car park in the hope of meeting a lost MEG.
Decided it was way too cold, so went back to Blackwells to await the
wayward MEG.

4:35 Gave up waiting for MEG, and decided to queueueueue, the
queueueueueueueueueue having grown in about 30 metres (c. 40 minutes)
since we arrived.

5:05 A very tired-looking MEG arrives, having had Swansea happen to her.
Passes us in the queueueue, and disappears out the door, to find the end
of the queueueue...wherever it was.

6:20 (five mins after I predicted!) Finally reached PTerry. Was not
subjected to irony, sarcasm or even wit - he's being underworked <g>
Iwan left to go somewhere (after getting home), I went to find MEG
further back in the queueueueue. After having a gape at the length of
the queueueue in front of her, decided this would be *way* to long to
wait, and, after a look at my bus timetable, realised a bus was leaving
in a minute, the next one in a hour, so made a very quick exit. Poor MEG
was left as the last remaining attendee (not that there was a meet to

And now, the section you've all been waiting for...!QUOTES!

Um... sorry... due to the lack of an alcoholic influence, we're limited
to just the one:

'Gid's is much bigger than that' - Suzi <g,d,rvvvvf>[1][2]


Well, that's it for now, and here's hoping that the next one will be a
tad more succesful,

[1] Am I the *only* person to have noticed that that appears in *every*

[2] I'm sorry to say that this *was* actually said at the non-meet (ok,
ok, Suzi didn't say it, but it's not *that* far off <g>)
'I want to thank you for putting me back in my snail shell' - TMBG** 
Official Mate of PThomas' Official Entorage (not another one!)**Official
Welsh Geek (and proud of it)**ICQ broken ATM**AFPiance to Brucianna & JJ
******FFith thrid OTM**

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