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From: (Barry R)
Subject: [F] Notts Meet 13.11.98 Report and Quotefile...
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 23:06:11 -0000
Message-ID: <>


Gideon, Ben Argyle, Naomi, Garner, Martyn, Jester, Supermouse, 
Selina, Helen (Selina's Friend), mpk, Janice, Suzi, Gid, Stephen 
Booth, Maurice, TOTKat, ppint, MiQ, Little A'Tuin, Nessie, Tiggy, 
and yhn

Not much to report. We arrived, some ate, all drank, some were 
merry, (all were happy), and some photos were taken.

Pictures can be found at


I'm used to getting my leg over. - Naomi.

He's a bit low. - Barry

They're comparing size now. - Helen

You're a Tart! - Suzi to Barry
I've been influenced by Vicci. - Barry

Gideon, Put your tongue away. - mpk

Get your 'ands off me ring. - Jester.

You can add a couple of inches by fluffing your hair. - Janice

Undead! Undead! - MiQ.

He goes a nice shade of red! - Suzi about Barry


Skating on Saturday...

Arriving at the Rink at about 12:15, Supermouse, Naomi, and yhn 
hired some skates, and took to the ice. (yhn returned to the hire 
area three times to try to gain a pair of skates that had at least 
some sort of edge...). We were joined by Stephen, who had his own 
skates (ba*d), and a little later by Maurice. The group enjoyed a 
skate around the rink until about 14:30ish. 

Rating for the rink. 5 out of 10.

Oh yes, Final Score. 

Maurice - 2
Stephen - 1
Naomi - 0
Supermouse - 0
yhn - 0

The winner by Two falls to One was Maurice. :)

After skating, Supermouse went home, Stephen made his way to 
Waterstones, Naomi and yhn went to catch their trains, and Maurice 
was last heard of as being in the vicinity of the Broadmarsh Centre.

That's all for now...

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

In Carols Heap, In Lottie's Scrum, In Ailbhe's Queue, 
A Part of the Collective, A Member of the Harem, AFPShrink to MEG,
AFPfianceed to Lindsay, and AFPOtherhalf to Selina. 

From: Martyn Clapham <>
Subject: [F] Help, me memorys gone was Notts Meet 13.11.98 Report and Quotefile...
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 23:01:32 +0000
Message-ID: <>
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[ Yes I am following up the smae post twice, it's a different bit of it
this tim, OK? ]

In article <>, Barry R
<> writes

[ hack ]

>Pictures can be found at 
[ snip ]

OK, I've just shown Granny my piccy, but having a lousy memory for names
I can't remember who is in it with me.

It's the third one down and I'm the weird looking one on the left in a
waistcoat and bow-tie. So, who's the lovely young lady sat next to me?

Mart - who's probably in deep do-do with said female. ( grin )
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