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From: "Mad Purple Dragon" <>
Subject: [F] Morecambe meet report from Woozle and Mouse
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 1998 13:21:19 -0000
Message-ID: <736etj$h36$>

Hello We are Mouse (age 7) and Woozle (age 8, 9 in three weeks)
Here is our Morecambe meet report from Sunday 15 Nov, its late
as we've just moved.

On Saturday 14th we moved house and on Sunday ppint picked us
up and took us and mummy to the midland hotel to see if anyone
was there. Dave Erik and  Roland hade been ther , Drove off but
seen us and came bake. Cheaster(Mouses teddy) came, Erik had
a rat toy and a danersaw(?sp) (that turned into a man) , Roland
had a teddy with him and so did Erik. I had my Teddybear
earmuffs but they stayed in the car. Rabbit also came attatched to
the bottom of mouses plait.

We looked around the midland and then went outside to play on the
sand ?(mud) we all got very dirty but noone cared so that was good
fun. We climbed on rocks and splashed in big puddles that made
the sand look like desert islands. About now Eriks rat decided to
in Morecambe and ran away. We then went into a pub to use the loos
but it was too full for a meal so we went and played in a playground
that looked like a sunken ship.  ppint gave out sweets yum :-0

Quote I'm hunger now (no not ppint but chester Mouses teddy)
so we went to a cafe to have food. While we wre waiting Erik
found ratty was missing and he was sad so Erik and Dave went
to the park to look for the rat. Erik ran all the way but he wasn't
we all ate our dinner but erik who was missing his rat. :-(
Erik Why didn't you get me a fanta?
Dave because you asked for a chocolate milk shake! :-)

We went back to the cars as Erik had a lesson later and
dave wanted to see if they could buy another rat (they got another
one on the way home but it wasn't a rat) :-)
ppint drove us home as mum was shattered and we played
rummikub (sp?) which ppint brought along.

Fun was had by all and we cant wait to go to the next one.
TTFN Woozle intreped reporter and Mouse daredevil.

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