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Maskerade Meet: Report

From: MegaMole <>
Subject: [F] Maskerade Meet Report and Quote File
Date: Sun, 17 Jan 1999 00:18:49 +0000
Message-ID: <>

Present (in order of appearance and casting):

This humble mole (alto), DMark, Peter (tenor), PThomas, Rand and his
stealth bow-tie, An~ejo, Pocahontas^W Charissa (soprano I), Suzi
(soprano II), Gid (oompah) and Walter Plinge^W^W Charissa's SO Piers.

Afpmeet debut for Charissa and Piers.

Meet Report:

We foregathered in the Moon Under Water on Charing Cross Road - a hard
core of afpers had turned up by 4pm.  The "pub"'s bizarre decor, with
strange sea-blue and terracotta paintwork and a most irritating
refusal to serve cabbage dakrys, invited some muttering.  Next to
arrive was An~ejo, in a newly bought seat cover^W^W evening dress (in
which she looked rather fetching, BTW), who bore cccbs and Maya Gold.
Without which no afpmeet is complete.  It took rather longer for us to
try DMark's reindeer droppings...

Peter bemoaned a complete hard disk failure which necessitated hurried
backups and an early departure for the meet.  Stated reason:
appointment with a geek in Cambridge.  Pointing out that there were
geeks and pgeeks aplenty at the meet cut no ice with Mr. Ellis.

Later, Charissa (on crutches) and SO arrived.  The poor dear had
sprained both ankles; this did NOT prevent her and this mole ducking
into a corner for some fervent music geeking (with assistance from

Comments were made that one of the real ales looked and tasted like
raspberry herbal tea.  This mole quite liked it, actually.  He liked
it so much he burst into song...

Whereupon Gid, fed up by the factory atmosphere and too many people,
led us to the selfsame pub (The Angel) where the post-CJ Signing meet
took place.  A hungry PThomas and Rand decamped for a fish and chip
supper.  The rest of us supped the beer that Unca Gid had thoughtfully
picked out.  More beer was drunk, Charissa and An~ejo took more
photographs (GIF! GIF!) and PThomas found more uses for a bag.
Charissa revealed that she was responsible for introducing Pterrybooks
into the wilds of Russia.  Any takers for "Tsvet Magiki" or "Muzika
Dushi"?  An~ejo objected that Charissa was being too relevant.  The
topics changed back to the usual.

Then we all went our separate ways, and tried once again to fight the
beast which haunts London - namely, a half-closed Underground system.

Quote File:

Peter:  PThomas is just trying to imagine me in suspenders.

Peter:  (ob Ankh-Morpork Anthem and forthcoming arrangement of it by 
        Jonathan)  Four-part harmony _in_ Carol?  Now that would be  

An~ejo: Waitrose is the Organic Supermarket of the Year.  Where else
        can you get cccbs and Maya Gold?
Mole:   Are you sure it's Or_gan_ic...?

Peter:  PThomas, do you want to plug and play?

An~ejo: (ob bizarre pub decor) This is one of those pubs where you see 
        characters from American sitcoms.

Rand:   (at 5:05 pm) What am I doing up this early?

Peter:  You do sheds? (ie. uk.rec.sheds)
DMark:  (blank look)
Peter:  Oh, so only in the mating season.

An~ejo: I gave up on Doctor Who when they showed us how to make Daleks 
        on Blue Peter...

Mole:   I'm sure you can use pickled cabbage for that.
An~ejo: But a cabbage dakry is rather disgusting.

Peter:  (obLeo Breebaart) I hate short people too.  (looking at An~ejo
        and realising his mistake) Except you, you're taller inside.

Peter:  (to An~ejo) Come back home and let me show you my 
An~ejo: He's scaring me!
Peter:  I'm just being a duck...

Mole:   Where's PThomas?  Out cottaging?
Peter:  No, he's bungalowing.  It's similar but lower.

An~ejo: It's a bit big, isn't it?
PThomas: There are straps... there are _always_ straps...

Mole:   (on seeing Gid and Suzi) - Ah, the AFP seal of meet approval 
        has arrived!

Suzi:   Relevance at an afpmeet? *boggle* This is a first!

An~ejo: (seeing just how much stuff Thomas keeps in his bag) Your bag
        is a Tardis!

PThomas: I think I'll go to Old Compton St. and see what I can get for
        a quid fifty.
Gid:    Most of them, I think.

Charissa: Oh, I see - castrati are countertenors with bits chopped 

Charissa: A lottery ticket vendor asked me for my ID the other day...

Here endeth the quotefile.  Those who have things to add, speak now or
forever hold your /dev/null.

*MegaMole - The Official Enrico Basilica and Chairblob of AFPMadrigal*
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