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From: (Barry R)
Subject: [F] George In London Meet 990402 (that's 2nd of April 1999 for you normal people <g> )
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 21:39:02 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Sorry for the late Posting, But I have other things happening in my 
so-called life.

Whilst George The Geekling is in the area, I have found a nice 
little pub to have a little get together in.

Make your way to Kennington Station on the Northern Line of the 
Underground system. If you arrive there at around 615pm, you will 
see a furtive looking man wandering around looking at you as if he's 
trying to remember if he's seen you before... just past him you will 
see me and george :)

For those who don't wish to meet beforehand, The Pub is called the 
"Prince of Wales" and can be found at 

Cleaver Square

A map is at

There is only one junction with traffic lights at Kennington station 
and as you exit the station they are *right* in front of you.

Cross the Main road, and turn left, and walk. 
Within two minutes you should come to Cleaver Square 
(It's the second road on your right).

Enter The Road and follow it round to the right. The road curves 90 
degrees, and the pub is about 1 minute walk straight down 
(Look at the map and you'll see what all the above means)

Starts at about 630pm - 7pm

The Pub does not serve food this late, so it might be a good idea to 
have something to eat beforehand 
(or alternatively there's a McDonalds not too far away)

Bring: Chocolates, Furry Toys, Hugs for the Geekling, and money for 

If it's needed, there is crash space for about 5, but don't expect 
much comfort as that thing known as "Spring Clean" is happening.

Hope to See you there

Barry R. B. F. The Official Sad Bastard

    Wot No Bananananana's
         (` o-o ') 

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