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George in London Meet: Report

From: (Barry R)
Subject: [F] The "George In London Meet" Report and Quotefile
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999 21:39:05 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Guest Of Honour: George

John Warden
Adrian Ogden
Barry R

oh, and
6 flakes bars, 
12 walnut whips, 
9 Cadburys Creme Eggs
1 box of Chocolate Coated Ginger
and a late arrival of a single bar of Maya Gold

First to arrive at the tube station was Ali, who arrived rather 
early and decided to have a quick drink at the pub over the road. 
She returned to the station and was shortly greeted by George and 
Barry, who arrived not too long after. Megamole appeared next, and 
passed on the news that the northern line was currently playing 
silly buggers. (that's news?)

After giving the rest of the attendees five minutes time to appear, 
these four decrep^Wintrepid explorers made their way to the Prince 
of Wales, and commandeered an area at the back of the pub.
Drinks were bought, and Barry disappeared for a moment to collect 
some items that had been forgotten, returning to find that a Thomas 
had nicked his seat. 

Welcomes were made, and talk soon turned to the old favourites of 
South Park, the Simpsons, and flakes. John Warden appeared at about 
7 O'clock, (with a bag of chocolate goodies like Chocolate coated 
ginger, creme eggs, and Walnut whips), and more drinks were bought. 

The appearance of Adrian Ogden came as a surprise to everyone (well 
me anyway). A space was made for him, and talk turned to Paranoia 
scenarios, rather good introductions to the game (the warning bot 
and Logic bomb are very good) and some of the more evil and 
vicious^w^w^wentertaining escapades that had been experienced.

The group then began the task of eating the chocolate items with the 
maximum of eroticism. One AFP'ers removal of the filling of a walnut 
whip was rather distracting to another. and the less said about what 
happened to the flake the better. 

A comment about how bad Red Dwarf was quickly became a session of 
making it known to the miscreant that Red Dwarf was actually back to 
being absolutely hilarious (whether it's the best series is not the 
question, just that it's funny again) 

A person who will remain nameless then began impersonating Gizmo, 
and soon the whole group were scaring the barstaff with group mogwai 

After a few more drinks, the eating of the Chocolate ginger, walnut 
whips, Maya gold, flakes, and creme eggs, soon we were discussing 
another staple diet of afpmeets, the singing of Tom Lehrer and Monty 

Starting with Poisoning Pigeons, there was a singalong of great 
enthusiasm. A few verses of The Masochism Tango were then heard, and 
then a little excerpt of Nicolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky. Adrian and 
Barry even began to sing the elements song, but stopped after 
getting some very strange looks from Megamole (we're not that sad... 
honest) then launched into the Python Classics "Sit on my Face". 
(OK, we are that sad)

The pub's payphone then rang, prompting two of the group to reach 
for their mobiles, which had the exact same ring, and shortly 
afterwards one of the mobiles rang, and prompted one of the barstaff 
to pick up the payphone. 

The bell for last orders rang and last drinks were had, after which 
the group decided to leave the pub. One of the Barstaff commented on 
a discworld t-shirt being worn, whereupon we found that she was a 
bit of a Pterry fan. (always the way isn't it)

After returning to the provided crash space sleeping arrangements 
were decided, a goodbye to Adrian Ogden was made, and a short 
session of IRC happened. 

The group split up at about 00:30ish to retire to beds, and YHN went 
to sleep in order to be ready for the Saturday ahead. 
(he understands that the rest geeked^wtalked until around 3am)

Quote File: 
(In the absence of Peter, Ali became the "Quote!!!" target) ;)

I think the time has come to cross my legs. - Ali

No, You can't quote gestures. - JohnW

I don't do erotic, I just do Gannet. - Ali

I'm Just borrowing your marbles. - George

It's a bit softer than I expected. - Ali

Raccoons aren't as pungent, I've smelt the difference - JohnW

It's probably warm and sticky by now. - Ali

Drunk In Charge of A Python Lyric is a very serious offence - Adrian

Barry's tongue action is most distracting - Megamole

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, ... - Adrian
20p! - Megamole
No, keep going, when you get to 10 you can buy a round - Barry

Stay, I need you. You've become a prop. - unclaimed

Do you know how to unzip them? - Barry

Which one of you brought a mobile that sounds like a 
payphone? - Barmaid
Both of us - Barry & Pthomas

Coffee's such a letdown. - Megamole
But at least coffee doesn't melt if you're not careful- Adrian

She may not be fluffy, but her head certainly is. - Adrian

The Rimmer Song? I think I have an MP3 of that one - George
I love you - Barry

Use your tongue! - Pthomas & George

Why do I get the feeling I won't be coming back to this pub again? - 

She was tickling me - Pthomas
No I wasn't, I was trying to Snog you - George

It's Pthomas's Purse. - George

I think that's made George's night now - Ali
Yes, Four young men on her Chest - Pthomas

Only 'cos it doesn't work for you. - Barry

Why do I get *vom*med on? - Ali

Let's stick it in... Give me the Pen - Adrian

How much can she get in her mouth at one time? - Ali about Ailbhe

Yours is longer - JohnW

Oh, I see someone desperate. - George

We don't bite... Unless you're made of chocolate -Adrian

Adrian clears throat at length
I didn't know you spoke Dutch - Barry

Oh Well, that's all

Barry R. B. F. The Official Sad Bastard

        Wot No Cheese
         (` o-o ') 

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