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Leo Barium to London: Report

From: "Thomas Pratchett" <>
Subject: [F] Leo Ba to London Minimeet Report
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 13:12:31 +0100
Message-ID: <7eq3j4$abl$>

Well, unaccustomed as I am to report writing...

Technically, this was Kenton 2.0 or 2.75800001 (according to others), but
heigh ho...

Anyway, as Leo was down in London from the back of beyond (or Wales), a meet
was found to be in order, so YHN quickly arranged one. I met his Welsh-ship,
and we moved to Kenton (YHN's ickle town in Greater London).
Irc-ing on peak time, we picked up a Darran who was at a loose end for the

We arrived at the pub in good time, ie late, because YHN knew that no-one
else would be there yet. Leo had not heard of the phrase 'quorate' meaning 4
persons in one place. So I latin-geeked, doing the proper terms for three
persons, and two persons...

But anyway, about 20 minutes later, Ali arrived, and ten minutes after her,
Adrian Ogden did too. Thus we were quorate, and the meet started proper. We
ordered food, cos all of us had gone without that day.

Then Darran called on YHN's mobile to ask which New Moon we were in, because
according to the taxi driver all pubs in Harrow were called the New Moon.
Not something I'd noticed. And, believe me, I'd notice...

He arrived not two minutes later, just as food was being served and
Thus the evening went on until around 11:25 and we were the last people in
the place when we were kindly shown the door.[1]

Thus Darran and Ali toddled off in Adrian's car to the station, and Leo
crashed at my place. We waved them off. At this point in time, YHN was
wearing Darran's lime green collarless shirt, only because I said how nice
it was...


Leo Barium
Ali (AH Willis)
Adrian Ogden
Darran Rimron


Pthomas geeked Latin

Darran entertained us with the contents of his jumbo fun bag

Darran noted that Leo Ba looks like TOT Leo minus about 10 yrs
(10? I'd be lucky! - Leo Ba)

Contact lenses and their hazards were discussed in great detail


Ali: Well, he hasn't hit me yet...

Adrian: I think you'd better enquire whether Peter's coming before you come.

Darran: That well-known practice of putting your nose in and eating until it

Darran: (on phone) Two packs of vibrating toys and a tape.

Darran: Puppies are better - they lick anything

Darran: Tom, lovie darling
Thomas: I've got a headache

Darran: Sniff the pussy

Leo: I am unquotable... ...DON'T QUOTE THAT!

Adrian: And Thomas said "The centre's gone all hard and difficult to lick

Adrian: And then I said "Good night, may you have a less weird evening"

Thomas: You feel that
Darran: I'm not going to grope Tom's face

Thomas: Lemonade and half a spliff... Imeanhalfacider

Thomas: I prefer this one to be Tinky-Winky, it's the handbag

Everyone: One, Two, One, Two, Many, Lots

Thomas: Oh shit.. shit shit arse bugger fuck

Well, there you have it. A fun little evening, organised on the spur of a

be excellent to eachother and party on,

Thomas Pratchett

[1] It's a very nice door, mahogany effect, with etched glass.


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