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From: "Mad Dragon" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Lancaster Dragon Meet
Date: 16 Mar 1999 12:21:38 -0000
Message-ID: <160399122104afpa@vigen>


This is the long awaited announce for the Lancaster Dragon Meet

Date: Friday April 9th til Sun afternoon but main meet is Sat night
but those coming Fri-night please email.. and a walk to I-M-T and
other local attractions with the wombats will be done on Sat
afternoon. (Not too physical..) or you can stay home and sleep ready
for the night :-)

Crash space has been filled to capacity and more (sardines springs
to mind..) but anyone not already told they have space who wants to
come please email and i can give B&B details.. (i.e. local one near
here next to station is 18 a night) i live a ten min walk from
Lancaster Train Station so those coming that way tell me and we will
walk to get you to save you getting lost.

Time: 7.30pm-ish earlier if you wish to eat .. please email me for

Place: The George and Dragon (see told you Dragon meet got to be in
a dragon pub!)
The Quay side Lancaster City Center. Lancaster is a big one way
system so i will do a How To Get Here and send it to those who ask.

CCCBs ,cuddly toys, Bailey's Icecream and other such stuff can be
brought along.. you know the kinda thing that goes down well..

Mad Dragon loves cuddles and kisses

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