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From: "Darran D. Rimron" <>
Subject: A movie meet, 199904171900
Date: 9 Apr 1999 18:44:39 +0100
Message-ID: <090499184426afpa@vigen>


Ok, here is it - you're going to have to read now boys and girls - are you
ready?  If you're available on Friday the 16th of April and got a spare fiver,
and enjoy good old movies, and get upset at Christmas when there's not enough
bond films on TV, and fancy a laugh - this is maybe for you...

- ----[ The Blurb ]----

Stolichnaya vodka is made in Russia by Russians for Russians. The Prince
Charles Cinema is always ready and willing to host a party and this time 
we're going completely Kremlin with Stoli.

Russian circus performers in the street, a band with tunes from Mother
Russia and a screening of bizarre communist shorts. All this washed down
with several FREE shot glasses of icy cold Stolichnaya vodka to knock back
in one as is traditional in Russia. During the interval there is a chance
to win more vodka and free passes to the cinema, plus a troupe of mad dancing
Cossacks on stage, all compered by a comic who isn't Russian at all. This will
be a big party and for a big party you need a big film. This is probably your
only chance to see the sexiest, coolest Bond movie ever made on a proper screen.

All this for a fiver? See you there.

No credit card sales. Tickets available in advance from the Prince Charles
Cinema box office.

The Prince Charles Cinema is located at 7 Leicester Place just off Leicester
Square, London, WC2.

Nearest tube stations are Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

Weekly Film Info - 0171 4378181 General Enquiries - 0171 4377003

- ----[ The Review ]----

>From Russia With Love (PG) 1962 110mins Terence Young

Sean Connery cited this as his favourite Bond movie and it's easy to see
why. SPECTRE, headed up by a cat-wielding Blofeld, are after the LECKTOR 
decoder. As ever James is after the ladies - in this case the delectable
Tatyana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi) and big bad Red Grant (Robert Shaw) is 
after James. There are classic Bond moments with the introduction of Q
branch to the series, a knife boot attack from the scary Rosa KIebb (Lotte
Lenya), a stylish trip  on the Orient Express and even wrestling gypsy girls.
However what really makes this movie is the dark, brooding menace of Mr.
Connery which builds tension to a big bang finish. Tougher, cooler, sexier
and more politically incorrect than all the other 007s put together - this is 
simply the best Bond movie ever made.

- ----[ The afpish details ]----

Ok, a few people seemed interested when I mentioned this on IRC and in pubs,
etc.  I dunno if the RHPS show is on later that night, if it is *smile*,
you never know....  If you're interested, mail me <> and
I'll try and do a "organisational" thing - but I wouldn't count on it....

	-TTFN, Dx (*tempt temp tempt free alcohol*)
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