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From: "MEG" <>
Subject: [F] Lost and Found
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 1999 09:52:59 +0100
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{This is not a meet report. This will happen sometime soon.}

In the aftermath of MEGcon, I find I am beneficiary of a number of
(possibly unintentional) gifts.

Item: One pair black, lace-up, size 12 men's shoes.
Item: One Motorola AC Power supply
Item: One music cassette of the shangri-las
Item: One copy Fodor's France. The complete guide with Paris walks...
Item: One pair men's black socks.
Item: One pair white hair-bands with obligatory white bow.

If you recognise your lost property and wish to claim it back -
understanding that you *may* be subjected to ridicule - then please
contact me.
If you are at the Cheshire Cheese pub tonight for the Rocky III meet, I
will have the items with me and you can claim them back for the price of
a pint.

If you have mislaid anything other than the above mentioned items,
please also contact me and we'll have a hunt around for it.

More later
"Something's boding, just like I said. Bode, bode, bode."
"..the first son-of-a-bitch that says "hobbit" is a dead
      man.." - Peter Trayne          τΏτ
"Lack of exclamation marks - the sure sign of a deceased mind."

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From: "MEG" <>
Newsgroups: alt.books.pratchett,
Subject: [F] MEGcon One - The long awaited Bristol Meet Report
Message-ID: <pmDh3.636$34.565@wards>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 09:07:15 +0100

Good people,

Before I start this, I would like to express my appreciation for the
services provided by the lspace Cabal - those oft unsung heroes who supply
my daily fix.

Until Friday 25th June I didn't *quite* realise how much effort and (unpaid)
time these people must dedicate to providing the service I take for granted.
Thank you guys, thank you. I hope this has arrived after the worst is over.
(Gave me some space to finish the report if the truth be known!)

It has been a long time since the Bristol meet at the end of May. It was a
weekend affair with about forty attendees and we managed to cram a lot of
activity into that short time. That's part of my excuse for it taking so
long, another part is that I decided it would be too long for a simple
newsgroup post (as well as including pictures, quote-file and such) and
have, instead, created a web-site [1].

The link is:
(for those of you who still have the original in your cache, you will need
to refresh the link)

It contains the report, a spiffing (if somewhat embarrassing) quote file
compiled and produced by the inimitable Leo Barium, digital and scanned
photo's (thanks DMark) and an explanation of "The Richard Whiteley
Experience" >

I've spent ages on it and hope that my efforts are well received.

The report acknowledges the attendees, contributors and supporters but I
would like to re-state my sincere thanks to everyone who made this meet so
special for me and my family. I also owe a debt to Clarecraft who supplied some of the raffle and
treasure hunt prizes. Thanks Elton. Also to Books On Line (BOL) who (for some reason I've yet to fathom) provided lots
of goodies and thirty copies of Jingo. Despite me telling them that *Real*
Pratchett fans have got it at least seven times in signed first edition.

We enjoyed ourselves. From the feedback, so did everyone else. What do you
say, guys?

Thanks, Rocky, for coming so far at such short notice. You're a real star -
we need you for the next convention. All in favour?

[1] If you are unable or unwilling to visit the site but would like a copy
of the report (sans pics), please mail me. I will be only too happy to

Finally, just a quick note to the proof-readers amongst you - If you spot
any speeling mistooks or gross HTML (I'm still learning - okay?), PLEASE
tell me . I'd rather you told me than suffer the
humiliation of knowing that you all know that I don't know that ...... the
links don't work or I spelled Pratchitt wrong.

Have fun - we did!

"Something's boding, just like I said. Bode, bode, bode."
"..the first son-of-a-bitch that says "hobbit" is a dead
      man.." - Peter Trayne          τΏτ
"Lack of exclamation marks - the sure sign of a deceased mind."

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