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Oxford Expanding Micromeet: Report

From: "Herald" <>
Subject: [F]Oxford Amazing expanding Micromeet Quote File
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 10:38:48 +0100
Message-ID: <7jlclj$713$>

Hmm, I seem to have some quotes from this meet, so here they are:

Herald (to Peter) "You just don't look like scum".

Peter (to Phantom) "Stay down!"

Peter: "I'm doing a PhD on sperm".

Peter  "Imagine a cross between me and Mole";
Phantom "Oh, my god, I'm imagining the process!"

Stewart: "Did you see the episode of Hercules with Xena before she became a
lesbian and got her own show?"

Keldar: "I'd like to lay hands on the equipment again"

Peter: (Unsure about how to address Elaine) "Uh..., em, co?"

Peter (to Herald)"You are the corn plaster on the sore toe that is my life"

Phantom: "He is the only reason the world has not yet exploded in a shower
of incandescant geeks."

Herald (to Peter) "You're a throat opener",
 Peter: "No, actually I swallow."

Phantom (to the tune of YMCA) "Young bear, there's no need to get stuffed, I
(I shall leave the rest of that to him)

Peter: "I can down anything but I don't necessarily like to."

Peter (to Phantom) "You'll damage your vocal chords if you do that"

Peter: "I don't mean there's nothing interesting in there, I mean he's going
about it the wrong way!"

Peter (to Phantom): "Take your leather cover off!"

Ponder: "I've got one only five millimetres in length"

Anything else dubious said, i didn't write down, sorry!
Is it me or is everything Peter says  loaded with innuendo?!!

Honoured to be the Herald for Heaven's little Angels
Afpbit-on-the-side to Peter Ellis.
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