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Rockymeet III: Announce

From: "Gideon Hallett" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Rockymeet III, London, 7/6/99
Date: 27 May 1999 12:00:48 +0100
Message-ID: <270599120035afpa@vigen>


Hear this, ye gathered masses and multitudes...

We have a alien[1] visitor arriving on our shores this weekend; a venerable
and respected elder of the clan known mainly as "Rocky Frisco". This once-
in-a-while event is usually cause for a meet in London; this time is no
exception. So, ladies and gentledevils, I have the pleasure of announcing a
meet...Three shall be the number of the meet and the number of the meeting
shall be three...*10p*[2]

Date: Monday the 7th of June 1999[3]
Time: 19:30.
Place:Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese
      145 Fleet St, London, London, EC4
      Tel: 0171 353 6170

Now, the Olde Cheshire Cheese is actually old enough to have earned the
"ye"; the sign saying "rebuilt 1667" should give you a clue. As such, it's
a pretty twisty place with nooks and crannies. We will be downstairs; to
get there, follow signs to the toilets (minding your head on the stairs,
which will decapitate anyone careless over 5'4") and look around; we should
be evident.

They say that the pub is pretty quiet on Mondays; as such, they don't mind
hordes descending as long as we're reasonably well-behaved and don't stage
an authentic tavern brawl. There will also be some Mini friends of Rocky's
arriving, so be welcoming to anyone you don't recognise with a
characteristic stoop. The place also has a pretty good restaurant; so
chocolate-covered oddities will probably be a bit surplus to requirements.

- --------

So how do we get there? Aha. Ahahaha. That's the tricky part. Nice simple
address, but the Cheese is a very unassuming building; it has precisely no
neon lights of any sort, it's painted black and has only a small sign
outside. Basically, go east along Fleet Street from the Royal Courts of
Justice until you come to it. It's on the north side of the street.

That's probably not going to be sufficient, though. So here are a set of
directions that should enable you to find your way there reasonably easily
from either Euston Station or Trafalgar Square.

(An A to Z is definitely a useful object; if you have one, bring it. If
nothing else, you can help any plaintive tourists.)

(Listen vairy carefully, for I shall say zis only once.)

To get from Trafalgar Square to the Royal Courts of Justice;

use an A-to-Z...nah, really, you just need to go east along the
Strand until you get to the Aldwych; carry on all the way around
the semi-circle of the Aldwych until you get back onto the Strand
by the Royal Courts of Justice (big building with lots of pointy

To get from Euston Station to the Royal Courts of Justice;

>From Euston Road, going east, turn south onto Upper Woburn
Place, follow it south as it goes north-south down the east side of
Tavistock Square; follow it south is it goes along Woburn Place
until you come to a big open space called Russell Square; again,
go south along the east side; leave the square and go straight on;
the road becomes Southampton Row; it crosses a biggish road
(Theobald's Road) - carry on south down Southampton Row,
passing Holborn tube station on your left; you're then on Kingsway,
which joins the Aldwych at the south end; turn left and you'll be on
the Strand by the Royal Courts of Justice.

Now for the fiddly bit; getting from the Royal Courts of Justice to
the Olde Cheshire Cheese;

O.K. You should be on the Strand and the Royal Courts should be
passing you by on the left; at this point the road becomes Fleet
Street. You are going *east*. There are two sets of traffic lights; go
straight on (east) past both of these, past Chancery Lane (on your
left), Fetter Lane (on your left), Bouverie Street (on your right) and
Whitefriars Road (on your right). At this point you are going due
east; looking along the street you can see the dome of St. Paul's.
As you go past the second set of traffic lights, keep your eyes
open (if they aren't already). Just past the turnoff to Whitefriars St,
there is a building in scaffolding on the *north* side of Fleet Street;
go under this scaffolding and you will see a Coffee Republic on
your left (again, on the *north* side of Fleet Street). You should
also see some bollards on the north side of the street; they are
mainly black with white bands around the top and red stars on
them. There is a brightly-painted shop called "Odyssey Mobile
Communications" on the north side of Fleet Street; right next to
this is the Cheshire Cheese. The Cheshire Cheese itself is a black
building with an old lantern hanging outside it and vegetation
growing down it. Between the Cheese and Odyssey mobile
comms, there is a passageway called Wine Office Court; go north
along this for about 5 yards and the door to the Cheese is on your
right, with a sign above it saying "The Old Cheshire Cheese; rebuilt


I *hope* those directions are precise enough *g*.

As to getting to Central London, well, it's going to be during the rush
hour on Monday evening; as such, a car will probably be more trouble than
it's worth; parking is difficult and the roads are full of people who want
to get out. You have been warned, in other words...

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to mail me; either on this
address or my work address (



[1]Well, he's coming from America. Which is about as alien as you can get
without major surgery.

[2]Well, it's only half-quoted.

[3]Yes, it's a weekday. We know that this is pretty inconvenient and are
terribly sorry and all that, but it's the only possible evening we could
all make, so Monday it is. Just wear your hangover with pride the following

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