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From: Janice Wright <>
Subject: [Announce][F] Post-SoD-signing-at-FP meet
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 12:48:06 +0100
Message-ID: <>

on 1999/05/03 Mark Datko <> said:

> Whilst enjoying the London sunshine today, I just happened to
> pass [1] Forbidden Planet and noticed their notice stating 
> that Messrs Cohen, Pratchett, and Stewart will be signing at 16:00
> The Science of Discworld on Thursday June 10
> (so that's why I had to resign and finish work a week before :-) ) 
> No doubt I will see some of you in the queue, if not in the Angel
> afterwords

and a rather long time ago, ppint explained:

> 	- assuming it's still open, and hasn't been wrecked by its
> 	brewery, the pub, The Angel (a hundred yards or so south of
> 	fp, more-or-less facing the south side of centre point), was
> 	a friendly - and real - english pub, with locals as well as
> 	commuting office staff & fp-worker & friends customers

Assuming that they've now finished refurbishing it, The 
Angel will most likely host a gathering of afpers sometime 
after 16:00 tomorrow. See you there.


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