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From: (Barry R)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] SkateMeet 3.0 - Friday 2 July - London
Date: 29 Jun 1999 18:00:51 +0100
Message-ID: <>


OK, I have been threatening it for some time. So here it is.

Sorry about the short notice, but I just found out there is a person 
in my family who's been threatened with a family get together...
As there is nothing I like better than having a good excuse to not 
attend family birthdays, I am going to arrange meet for this 

The Agenda goes as follows.

Friday 2nd July.

Meet in the Prince of Wales pub at around 19:30. 

Here shall we partake of the alcohol served there, and again cause
no end of strange looks to be directed our way.

Food is not served here so it may be an idea to eat beforehand, 
unless you want to wander along to a takeaway later. (I know of 
several in the area, but the one I recommend is a 5-10 minute walk 


It'll be boring otherwise.

They didn't complain last time.

Things to gain the pubs favour. 
So they don't bar me again ;) 

Directions For cars:

Head for London, and make your way to the Elephant and Castle.

Having once tried to describe the roundabout system at the Elephant 
and Castle, and got the people so confuzzled that they decided to 
travel by train and tube, I have learnt my lesson and will just 

"Aim to end up heading south along Kennington Road from the 
Elephant & Castle." 

Once you get to Kennington Tube Station you will see a road to your 
left. Turn down here and take the second right.
This is Doddington Grove. 
If you park anywhere along here the pub is a short walk away. 
(There is a big white arch approx. halfway down on the left hand 
side. Parking anywhere round here will be good for those planning to 


For those coming by Train or Tube.

Take the train of your choice, to the London terminal of your 
then get the required underground routes needed to get you to the 
Northern Line. Depart the train at Kennington Underground Station.

A map from the tube station to the pub is available at

Saturday 3rd July
The real reason for the meet. 
(as it gives me a chance to test a pair of boots... honest...)

There will be Ice Skating in the morning/afternoon. 

Venue: Streatham Ice Skating Rink. 
(Sometimes it gets posh and calls itself the Streatham Arena...)

The session runs from 10:30 till 17:00 (although I'm sure that not 
everyone will be there for that time, or staying that long <g>)


Skates (if you have them). 

It's rather cold, and gloves also mean a small amount of 
protection if anyone falls over.

Even if it means all you spend your time wobbling on skates, and 
laughing at other people when they fall over... It'll be *fun*

The Ice Rink only hires figure skates. 
The quality of the skates hired here are probably the best I've 
found in my travels around various Ice Rinks. 
As I now tend to use my own, I haven't hired them in a little 
while, but friends still use them, so they can't be bad.

Entry to the Skating Rink is 4.50
Skate Hire is 1.50
For those spectating it seems that the Ice Rink has dropped its 
spectator entrance, so admission may have to be payed.
(If that is the case, I shall have details of some other possible 
destruc^Wattractions that may appeal to afp.)

Depending upon when the Ice Skating finishes, there's the option of 

a) absconding to Tottenham Court Road 
   (for those geeks among us)

b) going to see "The Matrix", (136 Mins)
   (for those who haven't seen it yet, or wish to view it again)
   (Screening at   3:30 	17:20		20:10 )

c) going to see "The Mummy" (125 Mins)
   (for those who have already seen The Matrix, and want to see 
    a different film)
   (Screening at   14:00 	17:30		20:20 )

The above films can be seen in my local cinema. 
(I make no claims that it is the most elegant cinema there ever was,
I just say that the cinema is normally clean, is nicely cheap, has a
quite good system (at least on Screen 1), and above all they don't 
mind crowds of wierdos descending upon the place looking and acting 
like they have just escaped from the local loonybin.)

Adult prices for a Saturday are

3 for the first showing, 4.50 thereafter

For those who wish to join in watching a movie, meet at the Elephant 
& Castle Coronet . (Time will be around 17:00ish)

The Plan is to return to the Prince of Wales Pub at approx 20:00, 
and continue to amaze the staff with displays of im^h^hmaturity and 

Sunday 4th July
There is a Comic/Trading Card Fair on the Sunday. Here you can find 
lots of collectable bits (no doubt there will be "Phantom Menace" 
goodies there), and other odds and ends that you would normally 
expect to see.

Entrance is free, and it's usually good fun for an hour or two.
It runs between midday and 4pm, and arrival is planned for 
12:30(ish). Meeting Place is the Midland Bank just opposite Kings 
Cross Station.

Venue: The Camden Centre
       Bidborough Street
       Kings Cross

Map will soon be available from

Crashspace for some is available (nominally space is there for 6-8),
but please let me know if you need it, as given the amount of space,
if more people turn up and need crashspace, you may get to *know* 
each other by the morning... :)

If anyone can offer crashspace for any overfill, please let me know.

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

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