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SkateMeet 3.0: Report

From: (Barry R)
Subject: [F] Meet Report and Quotefile for Skatemeet 3.0
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 12:39:20 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Full Weekend

Peter Ellis
Maurice Barnes
'Ookey / Spirit
Barry R
Eoin O'Tuarisg
Pthomas (Sort of)

With Special Guest on Friday and Saturday

Saturday Afternoon/Evening Only

Late Saturday and all Sunday

Sunday Only
Mark Datko

With a virtul presence of
Mad Dragon
Jenny with the Axe



After arranging to meet Peter, Spirit, and Maurice en-route, YHN and 
co. arrived at the pub late, the delay being the gift of 
Silverlink's Milton Keynes service.

Arriving at the pub at about 19:45, the group commandeered the usual 
spot in the corner, and ordered the first drinks of the evening. 
Soon efterwards they were joined by a man who believed "He must have 
found the right group at last". He introduced himself as Mort, and 
many greetings were made. 

Maurice commented on how nice the area round the pub was, and 
briefly wondered about moving.

Topics soon swung round to the usual... 


Maurice received some pointed remarks due to the fact he hadn't 
brought his leather trousers. As punishment he was forced to try on 
"The Coat", and almost immediately gained a fervent desire to buy 


Just why is that drink a radioactive green colour? It looks like a 
pint of toxic waste...

Sysadmininininininining (help, how do i stop??? <G> ) 

This was prompted by the Adminspotting t-shirt worn by Mort. (not as 
good as the t-shirt for saturday, but that's later.)

There was some singing too. Monty Python... Strange that... 

Eoin contacted YHN, and was given directions to the pub, and arrived 
very shortly afterwards. More greetings and introductions were made. 
As there was a Pthomas expected, he was contacted by phone, and 
immediately said "ooops, oh yes the meet..." and sadly said he 
wouldn't be there. 

Drinks were once more ordered, and then came the fun. Mad Dragon was 
phoned on a mobile, as was Jenny. Whilst the Mad One was at home 
(temporarily), the One with the Axe was not, and now has a nice 
wierd message on the answer machine <G>.  Livi was kept on the phone 
for some time and, as expected by at least three people, made at 
least one quoteworthy comment.

Soon after the phones were switched off, there appeared at the table 
an apparition... It was a Pthomas who had decided to ignore his own 
remark, and had decided to attend the meet after all.

More introductions were made, and more alcohol ordered. 

Time wore on, and soon closing time was upon us. The group left the 
pub in good order, laughing all the way. Mort bade the group 
goodbye, as he had to return to his lodgings ready for the next day, 
and said he might be joining us for the watching of the film. The 
rest of the group made their way back to the home of YHN, and 
resumed talking about not a lot. 

Eventually there was a common desision to retire for the night, and 
sleep happened.


The First thing that happened was the departure of Pthomas at a 
ridiculously early hour, as he had a previous engagement to attend 
that day. After a few more hours rest, YHN narrator decided to go 
back downstairs, and say good morning to the remaining members of 
the meet. After morning ablutions, the next item on the agenda was a 
surprise gift. One of YHN's famous cooked breakfasts. Eggs, bacon, 
tomatoes, sausages, beans, and lots of grease. Just the thing after 
a night at the pub. <g>

The breakfast was consumed with signs of enjoyment, and quite a bit 
of speed. Then came the next official item of the meet. The group 
decided that the time had come to go Ice Skating. 

Making their way to the bus stop, the group waited patiently for the 
required bus. It soon arrived, and after a 20 minute or so ride, the 
Ice rink was reached. Here we found that the price quoted for 
entrance was slightly wrong... (It seemed to be a day of 

People who wanted to skated, others decided to go and have a wander.

The quality of the Ice was good, and the skates were as superb as 
ever. At 13:30 the group skating decided to call it a day, and go to 
the cimema and see both the Mummy, and The Matrix... Departing the 
Ice rink, they made a short stop at a pub for a cooling drink, then 
made their way to the cinema. The bus driver shamelessly overcharged 
most people, but we made our way back to YHN's abode, where some 
people changed into something more appropriate, then made their way 
to the Elephant and Castle.

Here the meet became a bit ad-hoc. 

The Coronet had decided to cut the run of "The Matrix" short, and 
replaced it with "Entrapment". They had also radically changed the 
viewing times because of the change. This meant that only one film 
could be watched, and this would be at around 17:30. Finding 
themselves with a few hours to kill the group decided on food being 
a good idea. Maurice and Spirit decided to eat at an Italian place 
and, after having seen the prices, Peter, Eoin, and YHN decided to 
go somewhere that didn't require them to sell everything they own.

After having a quick snack, Peter and YHN made their way to the 
arcade. Here Peter killed zombies, and YHN beat up various Marvel or 
Capcom characters. (2 games for 50p.. woohoo...) 

Maurice and Spirit re-appeared, and Ali phoned to find out where to 
meet us. Our location was given, and Ali soon appeared. 

The group made their way back to the Cinema, and were greeted once 
again by Mort. This time his t-shirt was simply brilliant. 

I am a porgramer (crossed out)
I am a programer (crossed out)
I am a programar (crossed out)
I write code

Lots of laughs were had... More introductions made.

It was then decided to see "The Matrix" anyway, and go to the west 
end. The group made its way to the Trocadero, where Maurice and 
Spirit met "Segaworld" for the first time... (There will be a 
Segaworld meet very soon)

The group got their tickets to the film, and had to sit through some 
of the most boring adverts ever made. (Although The one for Sprite 
was great.)

The film was enjoyed by all, and after it had finished the group 
made their way back to the pub. 

The usual corner was not commandeered, (By the time the bulk of the 
group got there the table was occupied). The group once again made 
conversation full of words and music, but signifying nothing. (Is 
Tom Lehrer finable yet? - Ed) 

Pthomas appeared at the meet once again, this time having managed to 
persuade a Lonewolf to come along with him, having met him earlier 
in the day at a previous meet.

Livi was once again phoned, as was Jenny (although Gruk answered the 
phone), and more conversation by phone happened. The group managed 
to drive the people occupying the table we usually occupy away, and 
slowly spread out to cover the entire alcove area. 

The Bucktool owned by Mort made a re-appearance, and one of the 
Barpersons wandering past was heard to ask, "ooo, is that a 
leatherman?" She was drawn into the coversation briefly, and asked 
Mort what tools on his knife he actually used, and mentioned that 
she had a Leatherman Supertool.

Towards the end of the evening The Landlady and Peter began to sing 
duets from opera, after Peter was challenged to hit the high notes 
from "Take On Me" by A-Ha. 

Mort then had to leave as his plane left at an obnoxious hour the 
next morning. Shortly after this the pub bell was rang for last 

The group made their way back to the tube station, where Ali 
departed homeward, and the remainder returned to the warmth of 

Small talk once again was made, and once again sleep was finally 
decided on.


Sunday started almost the same way as Saturday, with the only 
difference being Pthomas didn't leave at an early hour, But Spirit 
did. <g>.

Spirit generously decided to share a bowl of cornflakes with Peter, 
while Peter was still asleep... having cornflakes poured over your 
shoulder is a very strange way to wake up.

Again there was a cooked breakfast. (And someone is still annoyed 
that he didn't get to do the washing up... <g>)

Just for completeness sake, here is the contents of the plate of one 

3 Fried Eggs, 
4 Slices Bacon
2 Sausages 
Tinned Tomatoes
Beans with "Barry's Special Sauce"

The phrase used by the cook was "...I need a bigger plate."

After the eating of Brekkie, the group made their way to Kings Cross 
Station, where they bade farewell to Peter, who needed to get home.

The remainder of the group wandered to the comic fair, where they 
met Dmark. 

Here Eoin found a Milk and Cheese Comic, Barry found three of the 
five comics he was searching for, and Maurice found a Millenium 
Falcon Decorative plate for £8, that he had recently paid £40 for...

After wandering around the comic fair for an hour or so, the group 
decided that there was nothing else there to see, and Pthomas and 
Lonewolf bade farewell to the group. 

Eoin, Maurice, Dmark, and YHN decided to find another activity to 
distract themselves until it was time for Maurice to catch his 
train. As the British Library was just next door to the Station from 
which Maurice would depart, it was decided that here would be a good 

For the next three hours the group wandered amongst some of the best 
exhibitions in the country... Three hours is just enough time to get 
really interested in the British Library, and when you leave you can 
almost guarantee that you will want to return.
From the display showing the changes in how music has changed in 
recorded quality, to areas showing printing and book-binding, to the 
display of the Beowulf story, and to the maps and stamps collected 
with the displays it is a superb work of knowledge and information.

The group left the building at about half past four, and bade each 
other farewell. Maurice went to St Pancras to catch his train, and 
Eoin went off homewards... 

YHN chatted with Maurice at the station until his train was 
boarding, and then departed homewards himself.

Thanks to all who appeared. It was a great meet.

This is the Official Meet Reporter signing off
Till next time (Either CCDE, Segaworld, or Hatfield House if I'm 
Feeling rich).

That all for now.

Quote File

Strangely enough the meet didn't produce that many quotes.

I can do things with my palm. - Mort

You should've made Maurice take down his leather trousers - Livi

Ah, It's a vibrator - Mort

I need 22lb of lead to go down - Maurice

I'm going down in 6, 5, 4, 3... - Eoin

I don't know where Barry puts it... - Spirit

Barry R. B.F. The Official Sad Bastard

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