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From: "Lees Family" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Brighton 1.0 - 13/16 August (Preliminary Announce)
Date: 10 Jul 1999 21:01:00 +0100
Message-ID: <>


[Resent because of library's recent problems... muchos gracias]


Well, it seems we finally have some semblance of ideas for this
not-so-long-promised south coast meet (thanks Mark!)...

Date: *Either* Friday 13th *or* Monday 16th August '99

Please tell me which date you prefer, or suggest others - I'm working at the
weekend but the days either side seemed like a good idea (post-eclipse, pre-exam
results <g>)...
Because there's so much to do in Brighton in the summer, it seemed like a good
idea to hold it during the day (perhaps as an afpamily holiday, indeed? The
sea's lovely that time of year...) - it *can* extend to the evening and/or
weekend, though!

(I found out today that Brighton's answer to the London Mardi Gras is on Sat
14th, too. Yay irrelevance...)

10.30am - Train-travellers assemble on concourse *outside* Brighton Station,
then walk down to pier at ~10.45am.

Directions from station to pier: Come out of the station via the main entrance,
walk straight down Queens Road to the sea. Turn left towards the Palace Pier -
the pier on the right's the West Pier, currently being restored.

Parking: There're a few expensive short-stay car parks, or it's UKP 1.50 per day
(IIRC) at the station. I can look into this if anyone wants. There's a Park&Ride
system, too.

11.00am - Meet outside pier (just in front of pier entrance). Consume
exorbitantly priced ice creams and chips. Rot teeth with candyfloss, break teeth
on rock.

Then it gets more flexible. There're two main things to do in Brighton -
shopping or seaside:

Shopping: Visit the Lanes, Churchill Centre and variety of back-street shops
(note: lots of bookshops; retro clothes shops; 'new age'-style shops with tarot
readings, crystals, incense etck; Leathercraft in Gardner St. sell Clarecraft
figures, and they're right opposite a chocolate shop - bring lots of money!).

Seaside: Spend the time on the pier (*lots* of rides; amusement arcades and bar;
those things where you stick your heads through and get your photo taken), beach
(Volk's Railway along the coast to the Marina, sunbathing etck) and Sealife
Centre (with underwater tunnel, cafe and gift shop).

Note: Group discounts/bookings for Volk's Railway and sealife centre apply if
more than 10 people go (so it's in your best interests if you turn up! <g>).
Prices in UKP:

Adult - 2.00 max
Child - 1.00 max

SeaLife Centre:
Adult -  5.50 (Group 4.50)
Child (4-14) - 3.95 (Group 3.25)
Student - 3.95 (Group 3.25)

Pier: 1.00 (for those things that you throw balls/fire arrows at), 1.50-3.00
(rides). Free entry and deckchairs.

The idea is to split up into two or three groups - one heads off into town, the
other stays around the pier. Alternatively - by general consensus - one big
group can do the lot...

2.00pm - Meet for lunch at Pinocchio's (on New St., near the Theatre Royal and
opposite the Dome booking office). Cost: variable, UKP 6.40 for a two-course
meal, UKP 7.95 for three-course.

After lunch: Again variable, the shoppers can seaside and the seasiders can shop
if they want. Alternatively (if, frex, the group didn't split up earlier)
bowling at Hotshots or a visit to the cinema (Virgin Cinemas at the Marina -
complete with drive-through McDonalds - ABC cinema or Odeon near the seafront).
There may also be something on at the theatres.

6.30-7pm - Meet at the Queen's Head pub near the station, which serves real
ale - need I say what for? <g>

Crashspace is limited. I can't really offer (unless it's an absolute dire
emergency *and* I'm bribed) - the Parents from Hell would throw a fit - but
there're numerous B&Bs and hotels, a YMCA and two universities a few miles away
that'll have rooms to let. Phone numbers available on request, or from the sites

Any Brighton-area afpers with space?

Further information on the web: - includes zoomable map and accommodation search - University of Brighton - Sussex University and - train timetables
and fares information. Regular services run from Bedford via King's Cross,
Victoria, Cardiff, Reading, Birmingham, Basingstoke, Hastings...

Maps and further directions will follow - but please let me or DMark
( know if you're planning on coming so I can get
an idea of numbers etc, especially for group bookings and the restaurant.


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From: (Jennie Lees)
Subject: [F] Sussex (Brighton) meet dates
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 22:19:49 +0100
Message-ID: <>


OK, so I planned to ask lots of people about this at CCDE, and never got 
'round to it... (Must've been the heat. Honest. Having a giant tent 
does that to you.)

I know it's quite close - chronologically, at least - to CCDE. But not 
everyone went <waves to non-attendees> and a meet by the sea would be 
nicer in the summer holidays than during term-time or the 
depths of winter... Anyway, the point. If people are thinking of coming 
(see previous announce for extensive details), which of the following 
dates would be best?

Fri 13th August
Sat 14th 
Sun 15th  - two or all three could be combined, but I am working 
Saturday :( (and probably Friday, at the rate it's going)

Fri 20th
Sat 21st
Sun 22nd - again, two or all three could be combined for a long meet, 
but I'm working both days at the weekend :(

If anyone wants B&B details, I'm still trying to find them out. I know 
there's one very near the station for 10 a night, though...

(Yeah, yeah. The first thing I do when I get back's start to organise an 
afpmeet. Oh well...)
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From: (Jennie Lees)
Subject: [F] Brighton 1.0 - change of plan-type thing
Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999 23:08:26 +0100
Message-ID: <>

    Change of plan. The meet proposed for Brighton (previous date: 13th 
or 16th Aug) will now be held on SATURDAY the 21st of August Nineteen 
Ninety-Nine. This has been changed to make it easier for people to 
attend [1] (go on, you know you want to... or I'll thcweam and thweam 
until I'm thick...) and so on.

The original semblance of^W^W programme still stands:

10.30 am - meet at concourse outside station
11 am - meet outside pier
Then do whatever you like (preferably Brighton-related <g>) until...
2 pm - Lunch at Pinocchio's (opposite Dome booking office)
Do whatever you like. Bowling might be an idea if ideas run out, or a 
trip to the Marina Virgin cinema or Odeon (Austin Powers 2, anyone?).
6.30 - 7 pm - meet at Queen's Head pub (or other suitable replacement) - 
until whenever.

I shall, as far as I know (although I'm trying to rectify this!), be at 
work until 6pm. A group of afpers (or just the select few who attend) 
descending on Dixons [2] (front of Churchill Square, next to Miss 
Selfridge <shudder>) would be greatly welcomed; the Playstation games 
till is very boring on Saturdays. I will join the group, though, at some 
point. (In fact, it would be nice if some afpers were around the general 
Dixons area at 6pm so I don't lose you all (hah)... is that too much to 

If anyone needs to get in touch with me other than by email 
(andIknowIsaidI'dneverdothis) - phone 01273 326311 (Dixons), or mobile 
0797979 8766 (voicemail when turned off). Bear in mind that I hate 
phones from the bottom of my heart, though...

B&B phone numbers available on request, and maps from 


[1] It's easier for me, too, (selfish to the last?) despite the work 

[2] Yes. I know. But, apart from the general being-Dixons thing, there 
is no hope left at my place of employment. We sell... wait for it... Jar 
Jar Binks alarm clocks. Would anyone like me to get them one? <cackle>
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From: "Jennie Lees" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Reminder: Brighton 1.0 - 21 Aug
Date: 15 Aug 1999 22:41:17 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Hi all,

Just a brief reminder about the forthcoming Brighton afpmeet on the 21st
August (next Saturday)... and btw, I do know about the Welsh meet, but I'm not
cancelling this one, okay?

10.30 am Meet outside Brighton station concourse. 10.45 ish walk down to pier
11.00 Meet in front of pier. Do Brightony things; pier, shopping, sealife
centre, etck.
2.00 pm Lunch at Pinocchio's, New St, near the Dome booking office. I shall be
joining the party at this point :)
Then, possibly, a flim[1]:
3.40 Odeon - Austin Powers 2
3.50 ABC East Street - Wild Wild West
.... or bowling, or summat...
Then we shall retire to a local drinking establishment, to be decided or just
aimed for on Saturday...

Righty-ho, see you there. (and afaiaa, we are at *least* quorate... <g>)


[1] This is not a typing error. OK?
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