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From: (Stewart Tolhurst)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] [F] Oxford Punt Meet 28/08/1999
Date: 20 May 1999 13:50:52 +0100
Message-ID: <200599135034afpa@vigen>



Having talked to a few people and noted the responses to my post I am 
organising an Oxford Punt Meet on the August Bank Holiday - Saturday 28th 
August 1999.

This will take the form of an afternoon amble down the Cherwell in punts 
followed by a picnic.  Those wishing to will decamp to a pub in the 

Details will be hammered out and posted some time over the next few 
weeks.  It would be handy if people intending to attend could email me so 
I can get some idea of numbers.  Also any offers of local crash space 
(with details of how many etc) would also be welcomed.

Followups are set to poster accordingly.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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From: (Stewart Tolhurst)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Oxford Punt Meet 29/08/99
Date: 12 Aug 1999 22:48:44 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Hi there folks

Sorry to leave the final details to such short notice but I've been a bit 
busy with changing jobs and stuff.

All this will be html'd over the next few days and will appear at:

Anyway - the details:

The Date: 28/08/1999

Venue 1: The Head of The River, Folly Bridge, Oxford

Time: 12:00 - 14:00

There are two punt hire places near this pub - so it seems a good place 
to meet up.

Directions to The Head of The River

How to get to the Head of the River:

Assuming travel from either bus station or rail station. From the rail 
station turn left towards town and you will see a big junction. You want 
to take the the fork on the left (called Hyth Bridge Street) this road 
will take you past the Blackwells HQ, a futon shop and Jongleurs.  Keep 
walking till you to get to a crossroad (of sorts). You want to go 
straight across (to the LHS of a Chinese Restaurant called The Opium 
Den). This road is called George Street (the bus station is on you left - 
people travelling by bus join the directions here) walk straight down. Go 
right at the next cross road (past Waterstones) onto Cornmarket Street. 
Stay on the left hand side of the road. Walk straight down this road 
(crossing over another crossroad) on to St Aldates. You want to walk down 
this road for about 5 minutes (passing Christ Church, the Music Faculty 
(where I used to work!) and the Police Station on you left) and the Head 
of the River is on your left.

14:00 - 16:00 punting

Whether we will be waterbound all this time depends on how long we can 
get the punts for etc.


Picnic on Christ Church meadow (probably).  Bring your own food and 
drink.  My mobile phone number can be obtained on request (email me) if 
people are planning on skipping the pub/punt part of the day.
This section will probably be fairly fluid - no guarantees of where we 
will be during this time.


Venue 2: The Isis Tavern, Iffley, Oxford

There is no road access for this pub - so if are coming to this bit only 
they will need to park in the Redbridge Park & Ride.

Coming from town you will need to get a bus.  You can get the numbers 
16/35 or the Redbridge Park & Ride.  You want a ticket to Donnington 
Bridge.  You want to get off the bus just after a set of traffic lights 
on a junction with a pub called "The Fox & Hounds" on the corner.

A map of this part of Oxford can be found here:

You will either be getting off just after the turning for the bridge or 
just around the turning for the bridge.  You want to walk down Donnington 
Bridge Rd until you get to the bridge itself.  Don't cross the bridge but 
go down onto the towing path and turn right (downstream).  You should 
just about be able to see the pub from here - it is about 10 minutes walk 
down the towing path.

Crash Space

We currently don't have much crash space.  I have room for two to four 
(depending on whether people are willing to sleep on the floor) and 
Lonewolf may be able to offer some.  Please email to arrange crash space.                      


I have a cat so if you are allergic this could be a problem!

Lives in Witney - about 45 minutes away by bus - but there are buses all 
through the night.

More crash space (preferably within the city limits) would be helpful - 
email me if you can help.

How to get to Oxford
Oxford has excellent transport connections and most places in the South 
of England are within reasonable reach.
- - From London:
There are two bus services:
The Citylink 90 (
The Oxford Tube (
Both services are regular and depart from Victoria rail station and pick 
up at a number of points on their way out of London.
 - From elsewhere:
Oxford is also on a main rail line and as such has good rail services. 
The Railtrack web site can provide journey times (or ring 0345-484950). 
There are also good bus links to Cambridge (Cambridge Coach Services
( - service 75, last bus back to
 Cambridge is 23:00) and Aylesbury (the number 280 Arriva which runs 
every half hour and runs until about 20:00).  The National Express web
( site offers a search service which
allows you to choose your starting point and destination and will give 
you coach times.

There are a number of major roads which take you to Oxford: A40/M40, A34, 
A420/M4.  If you do drive then I would seriously recommend either 
arranging to leave the car at the (pre-arranged) crash space or to use 
the park and ride (there are 4 park and ride car parks with bus routes 
running E-W and N-S through the town centre to them all).  Parking in 
Oxford is a nightmare at the best of times and Saturdays are VERY busy.  
The center of Oxford now has a new set of traffic restriction - if you 
haven't driven round Oxford for a while be prepared for changes. NB: The 
Thames Valley Police are very zealous about drink driving.  You have been 
The City of Oxford WWW ( site is a good
resource for information on how to get here.

Please email me either at the usual address or if you have any questions.

Look forward to seeing people soon.


- -- 
Stewart Tolhurst
Use reply-to to email me.

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