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From: (C. Cooke)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Nottingham Minimeet, lunch on the 12th Sept
Date: 7 Sep 1999 18:30:06 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Well, got the details sorted for this only... umm... well, not *that* long
ago, and it was suggested I should let people know, so...

Those of you who have been on irc the last couple of years or so may
remember Naomi Ridge [1] (Alex the Eternally Harrassed's sister) has been
around quite a bit, until recently...

However! The evil-type people at her place of employment have decided to
firewall off irc, so she's been slowly going mad in solitude the last few
weeks, trying to find some way back onto #afp. As part of her provision
for remaining in these lands of sanity [3], she will be in Nottingham on the
12th for a little lunch meet, and since she doesn't read afp and can't get
on irc atm, has asked me to organise [2]... So, the plan is thus:

We will meet at Nottingham Train station between 12:00 and 13:00, at which
point we will retire to a pub for lunch - this chosen because I do *not*
drive, so I have no idea about directions, but I have noticed that the
station is well signposted on the roads. Add to that the fact that people
arriving by train are at least *likely* to find the station, it seemed the
logical place. 

If anyone wants further information, please email me, and I'll probably
reply *grin*.

[1] TOT Naomi of IRC, IIRC. Not the one with the dog, or the one who's
most recent...
[2] *whimper*
[3] did I really say that?

- -- 
Charles Cooke, Official Giant
Say it with flowers, send a triffid

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