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South Park Movie: Report

From: MegaMole <>
Subject: [F] South Park meet report
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 14:56:33 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Reply-To: MegaMole <>

Herewith the report.

Quorum: Charissa, Piers, the Stibbons family, Adrian "Asphalt" Ogden and
this mole.  Big Cartman, little Cartman, Kenny (alive, still) and Mr.
Hanky the Christmas Poo.

Met at Charissa's, discussed Purcell, cats and a crossover sketch with
possibilities for involving Stavros and the Daleks -
"Exterminate, peeps!".

After much humming, hawing and consulting of maps, the Thomas Silverfish
Taxi Service rolled into action, amidst much typical London driving
madness^W enterprising manoeuvring.  Especially from white vans.

And much manoeuvring was required to get all the assembled afpeople into
the moving cinema.  Ponder, it is never a good idea loudly and clearly
to declare your age as 14 when entering a Cert.15 film.  Which,
eventually, we all sat down to watch.  Those who have not yet seen it
will be no doubt surprised at the amount of musical numbers, and
disappointed that Chef doesn't do more.

Equally boggle-inducing was the sight of a nice mummy, daddy and sweet
ickle golden-haired four-year old girl coming into the nice cartoon just
as the swearing, violence and gay Satan jokes were getting into full
swing.  These people, needless to say, lasted five minutes.  I'm sure
any expectations of fluffy bunnies and pwetty flowers would have been

Then we all went back to the pub.  Conversation turned to the usual
sorts of things; music was geeked, naturally, and we all had a Draw a
Homer Simpson competition.  Modesty forbids me to mention who won; self-
portraits are always easiest.  Then we wondered how Cartman and his
Mini-Me would do at ruling the world.  And then we had a disagreement
about the best way to tell jokes about hamsters.[1]

We'll have to award Ponder some sort of title for Person Adjudged Best
at Getting Afpers Thrown Out of Places (PABAGATOOP) when we got ejected
from Charissa's local.  It turns out the manager was around and the bar
steward^W droid didn't want to lose his job over people geeking quietly
in the corner...

Suffice it to say that Thomas Silverfish had to restrain other members
of his family from getting out the lycopodium powder and trying out the
new words they had learned at the cartoon.

At which point I left, feeling tired, emotional and vulnerable, m'kay?



Charissa (bending over the table): Does anyone want anything hot?

Ponder: Would you mind not wiping your nose on my Kenny doll?

Charissa: This is Piers - not an afper, just my SO.

Charissa: Do you have any idea how difficult it is to make my hair look
as if you've just thrown it up?
Mole: Bleeeuuugggh! (*vom*)
Charissa: It wasn't supposed to come out like that.
Adrian: I thought only cats got hairballs!

&: This tasted like raw sewage!
Charissa: That assumes you know what raw sewage tastes like.
Mole: Doesn't everybody? 

Adrian (trying some funky riddim on Cartman's feet): You can twirl
drumsticks, but you can't twirl Cartman.

Ponder: Oy veh, my father is a putz.
& (picking up Mr. Hanky): Edmund, is this your poo?

Charissa: I just think Mike Myers isn't sexy.
Adrian: Not with those teeth...
Charissa: So what's he like with his dentures on?

Charissa: I hate Ally McBeal.  I keep shouting at her - Eat some CAKE,

Mole: I was too busy trying to put my arse somewhere where it wouldn't

Charissa: I think the best parties are those where everyone is so drunk
they all end up with saucepans on their heads.  (like the last N. London
meet? - Ed.)

[1] Hamster's what? ITWSBT...

I'll just get my V-chip and slice of Canadian bacon,
Mega "Unclef***er" Mole

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