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Ipswich Ice Cream Meet: Report

From: Carol <>
Subject: [F] Ice-cream meet report
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 1999 19:53:20 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Afpers present: Joy Green, GidnSuzi, Jester, Gidgabolgo, Carl Emery,
Peter Ellis, Thomas Pratchett, Lonewolf, \/\/oof, Peter (Ewok) Ellis,
Supermouse, Pamxxx, Naomi, Chris Crowther, Charles Cooke, Tap, Carol

What happened:  After some initial gathering chez plumbing, we made our
way to the I Scream! shop where we were greeted by a very worried
looking staff of two.

Some perusing of the displays took place, the 'is this your first visit'
banter was listened to, and then ignored completely in favour of going
for the 'Just a Joke' - a bowl of ice-cream containing one scoop of each
flavour, a mountain of spray cream and lashings and lashings of sweeties
and sauces.

To give you a rough idea of what this looked like (well until Jester
gets the photo's on the web) imagine a standard mixing bowl, like you
would use to mix a cake in, piled to about a foot high in the centre and
then covered in cream and decorated. Mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmm *drool*

The only problem came in deciding how to fit all of us within reach of
the ice cream - a problem that was solved by Suzi herding us all into a
circular queue that kept moving past the bowl, while you were passing
you got to take a spoonful of ice-cream and then you got to walk off all
the calories before you got back to the bowl again - an inspired
suggestion ;o)

You'll be delighted to know, that we did our bit to preserve the
reputation of afp and did finish the whole bowl full - plus another
couple of smaller bowls full for certain people.  Since this was the
first 'Just a Joke' the shop had sold, our bowl has been kept as an
afp-relic ready for us to visit again at some time in the future - there
will also be photo's displayed in the shop, which should keep the other
customers away so we get it all to ourselves ;o)

After ice-cream we returned chez plumbing for some of the scintillating
conversation that afpmeets are famed for (ie geeking just about every
subject we could think of).

All in all it was a short but very sweet afp-meet, and best of all we
got to meet Joy.

And now, the quotefile....

"You've forgotten your tits" - Gidgabolgo

"My favourite snack is a road accident" - Supermouse

"Ok, so where did I leave my clothes last night" - Gid

"And the waistcoat?" - Gid a few seconds later

"It's not everyday I have a nipple in my ear"  - Tap
"That's not my nipple" - Carol

"Have you done the nipple thing?" - Thomas

"8 Minutes? No, 4 minutes is more fun!" - Pam

"Keep that up and it's the trousers next!" - Carol

"Think yourself lucky it was only my trousers" - Gid

"Who was it that went down on the kulfi?" - Gid
"I've already done that" - Suzi

"I'm just wondering what happened to my memory" - Gid

"You sort of unwrap it, and shove it up" - Supermouse

"It popped out while storytelling" - Thomas

"The last thing I remember is..... um....." - Gid

"It's your fault, getting me over excited" - Izzy 

"Flubble" - Tap

"Can I play with Jester's tool?" - Tap

"I'm working on the principle of a different hole every time" - Jester

"They go very hard when frozen" - Gid

"I'm all sticky" - Carol

"I lick spoons with my eyebrows" - Peter

"It wasn't me it was my reputation" - Peter

[This quote has been censored for implausibility] - Peter

"The impressive thing would be if you could grip lift him" - Cookie

"Just stick his head between your tits, that'll shut him up" - Carol

"I've got this warm fuzzy glow and I didn't know where it came from, now
I do, it's from those lips and things" - Supermouse

"I tried to rotate them and fit them in but it didn't work" - Peter

And finally, "Gid has this huge vibrating cavity behind his ears"....
now imagine Suzi sat on a large inflatable blue chair, Gid lying on the
floor with his head and shoulders resting on the chair between Suzi's
legs while this is said..... And yes, of course it was Peter that said

Carol Fawcett - DMWCarol/Mrs Tap -
* * * * *    All acts of love and pleasure are her rituals   * * * * *
* * * *   So, be excellent to each other, and party on dudes   * * * *
* * * * * * * *   And remember - Peter *is* an Ewok  * * * * * * * * *

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