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From: (LoneWolf)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Pthomas Birthday Meet - Friday 1/10/1999 - London
Date: 29 Sep 1999 18:57:54 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Thomas Pratchett adds another year to his age this weekend, so what
better reason for a meet?


The meet will be held at
The New Moon
Kenton Road, Kenton
Harrow, Middlesex
(Nearest Tube Station: Northwick Park on the Metropolitan Line)

on Friday 1st October at around 7ish.

Thomas also wishes it to be known that what he *really* wants is for
everyone to get him a Discworld book (preferably two), so he can have a
copy of every single one. In triplicate. /Just in case/ he loses those
he already owns. Oh, and apparently that includes the Assassin's guild

Anyhow . . .

Directions (c/o Thomas)

by road :

Exit at A41 Edgeware on the M1, do not  take Harrow exit. Follow road to
a roundabout,take the third exit follow the road on your left will be a
petrol station, forward, you will pass an Underground Station, Stanmore.
You will then come to a set of traffic lights. Turn left follow the road
through to another set of lights, forward over these carry on till you
come to another roundabout, a Shell Garage will be on your left, take
the third exit, Charlton Road. This road has speed humps the length of
it, follow the road all the way to the end , where it will be T junction
turn right, another petrol station on your right. Take the third turning
on your right, there is a funeral directors on the corner with a neon
cross in the window.  Follow the road round and then take the first
right. This is Kenton Park Crescent. Turn right, and then park up
somewhere on the left hand side. This is outside my house, so your car
will be close when you leave the pub again :)

To get to the pub from my house, go back the way you just came to the
road before kenton park crescent, turn right at the and then take the
first left. this leads you out onto Kenton Road. Turn left and you will
see the pub.

By Train:

The closest London Underground Station is Northwick Park. Once you get
here, call 927 0000 and ask for a cab to take you to the New Moon on
Kenton Road. Believe me, it's the easiest way.
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