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From: "Brett Taylor" <>
Subject: [F] Star Wars
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 1999 19:19:43 -0000
Message-ID: <7c1c6f$jfn$>

    It has come to my attention that there will be a con for star treck
fans happening aat the Northampton Moat House early in October weekend
of the 2/3rd price around 25UKP for both days.  If there is suitable
interest I think that a Meet of afpers on the saterday is a possibility.

    I have room for a few crashees if necessary !

    without the add infront of me there are a large number of special
guest unfortunatly Mr Neilson was not one but a few of the cast of the
next film.

    Followups set to poster

the more the merrier me says.

From: "Brett Taylor" <>
Subject: [F] Star wars
Date: 12 Mar 1999 07:41:30 GMT
Message-ID: <7cagfa$ds9$>

A few days ago I afposted a message wrt.  a star wars con in
northampton!  and then made the mistake of putting star trek in the body
of the post!

to correct my self

there is or will be a con rebellion 99 held in northampton on or around
the first weekend in october of this year if any apfers are interested
in said con then a meet could be held after the saterday session
somewhere in northampton.

the cost of the con is around 15 ukp/day or 25 for both!

will get full details asap and post here with them

have crash space for about ten if necessary or desirable though the
sofa's allready claimed :) by one of my afpiances

APFiance to Debplod  & KkatD~2 twice as nice
Lyn and Tigger
Apfriend to Inneke | Mad Purple treasure
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From: "Dragon Prince" <>
Subject: [F] star wars con Northampton
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 18:57:19 +0100
Message-ID: <7dlrbc$rg6$>

as mentioned earlier referance star wars con in northampton

2/10/1999-3/10/1999 REBELLION 99
"The Friendly Con". Type: STAR WARS. Loc: Moat House Hotel, Northampton.
GoH: Micheal Sheard, Jeremy Bullock, Warwick Davis, Julian Glover, Ken
Colley and Ray Griffiths. Notes: Special dinner with guests on the
Friday evening, limited places, additional 25. Convention charity is
the Northampton General Hospital Childrens Wards. Contact: Rebellion 99,
53 Kentstone Close, Kingsthorpe, Northampton NN2 8UH. 15 per day or 25
for both days

anyone interested and a meet to follow please mail me

From: "Brett Taylor" <>
Subject: [ANOUNCE][F] Northampton 1.5 03/10/99 aa slightly star wars meet.
Date: 15 Jun 1999 23:19:56 +0100
Message-ID: <>


on the weekend of the 2nd of october a convention Known as Rebellion 99
is being held at the Moat House in Northampton.

yes I know its a bit far off but dont say I did not warn you:-)

Several Afpers have expressed a wish to go to the said Con, and it is
therefore a wise thing to hold a meet afterwards at some quiet pub.


Rebellion 99
place The Moat house Northampton.
Directions:- Please e-mail me and I will send you them.

then latter

around 7.30

the Malt shovel tavern 121 Bridge street. Northampton. 01604 234212.


By rail

depart Northampton rail station turn left at the main road (west
bridge). Cross road via pelican crossing and follow Mare fair passing
the Barclaycard headquarters.  You then cross over a duel carriage way
(horse market) walk up gold street until you see Lloyds bank in front
of you on your right is a street leading down past several estate
gents and an outdoor pursuit shop(white&bishop) eventually arriving
at aforesaid pub.  Passing by the newt & cucumber on your way. (A
street map of central Northampton is available at or close by the
Railway station)

By car:

- - From the M1 leave at Junction 16 Follow the A45 to town centre this
will lead you past the train station. Take the first right after the
train station south along St. peters way. Turn up bridge street
turning onto St Johns street for car parking. Retrace route to bridge
street. To find the Pub.

By Bus.

- - From bus station go into Grosvenor centre take the western exit on the
ground level (you will enter on first floor from the bus station) onto
the market square. Cross the square to the south west  corner along an
alleyway.(there are two pubs in the alleyway) and upon exiting should
see Lloyds bank in front of you. Walk southwards to find the entrance
to bridge street.

Hopefully the directions should get you there. If you prefer to use a
local taxi service I will list several numbers at the bottom of this
notice.  Taxis usually available at train station.

Taxi Numbers
area code is 01604 in all casses

A1                622227
K cars          605040
bounds        626262

due to the early start of the con a small gathering may be held on the
friday night.

Crash space.  I have room for about 10.  if slightly cramped :-) please
reserve as early as possible to get it else I will look at other
accomodation possibilitys.

details are also available at then
follow the link to Northampton 1.5

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Charset: noconv


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From: "Brett Taylor" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Northampton1.5 oct 2 1999
Date: 15 Sep 1999 19:26:51 +0100
Message-ID: <>


A short reminder of the Northants1.5 "a slightly starwars meet"

Please Note Due to work commitments Friday night is now no longer

Place Northampton (obviously)

Date 2nd October saterday 1999.

Time Mid day

he Rebellion 99 star wars con is being held at the Northampton Moat house
hotel on Silver street so the aim was to assemble there at first Have a good
wander around. and then go find a place for food. and then onwards to the
Pub. till they ask^H^H^Hthrow us out,  tickets to the event aproximatly
15UKP on the door.

the Pub

The Malt shovel 121 Bridge street Northampton (01604) 234121
Northamptonshire camra pub of the year 97/98
it does do food between 5 and 7.30 on a saterday.


to save a lot of typing I will be posting a copy of the alpha to Omega
street map of Northampton to my web site.(should be available saterday)  Ill include a link from there.

but from the train station for the pub turn right out of the station walk
along the main road till you can see a churchturn left down Bridge street
and keep going til you find the pub  trust me it will be easier to download
the map and print it off

by car

Leave the M1 at junction15 drive till you see an exit for the A508  follow
the 508 down hill  you pass the pub in question and then should beable to
see a car park on your left which I suggest you use.

to the con

by train

walk east along black lion hill and cross over to marefair and then gold
street,turn up college street and this will bring you to silver street where
the hotel the con is being held at is...

I wont be making the con but should be in town intime for 7pm to meet up
with people outside the hotel and lead onward to the Pub

Crash space

well I think I can get 8 in the house if a little cramped... mail me to
reserve or to ask any other questions

Dragon Prince
- --
life is a horizontal fall

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