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Oxford Mini Ice Cream Meet 0.1: Announce

From: (John Barberio)
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Oxford Mini Ice-Cream-Meet 0.1, October 9th
Date: 29 Sep 1999 22:29:07 +0100
Message-ID: <>


(Minius Meetum IceCreamus Laude. Note, thats Mini Meet, not Mini Ice

October 9th, 1999

G&D's Ice Cream Cafe, Little Claringdons St, Oxford

1:30pm till as when we disperse.

For those afp'ers who are new to, returning to, or living in Oxford,
there shall be a mini meet to partake of Ice Cream, Bagels, Muffins
and other Baked Goods. Starting with lunch at G&D's and then going on
to an expedition to locate the fabled hidden Pub "The Turf Tavern".

How to get to G&D's from -
- --------------------------

- - The Train Station

Turn left towards town and you will see a big junction. You want to
take the the fork on the left (called Hyth Bridge Street) this road
will take you past the Blackwells HQ, a futon shop and Jongleurs.
Keep walking till you to get to a crossroad (of sorts). You want to go
straight across (to the LHS of a Chinese Restaurant called The Opium
Den).  This road is called George Street. On Your left is the bus
station, so continue on from below.

- - The Bus Station

>From the bus station, walk up George street towards the pedstrianised
Cornmarket street and "Waterstones" (which was once Dillons, and is
still so in many hearts). Continue on from below.

- - A Car

Please do not try to drive into Oxford, instead take the park and
ride. Once on the park and ride bus, get off at a Cornmarket drop of,
and walk towards the end of Cornmarket street with "Waterstones" on
it. Continue on from below.

- - Waterstones

While standing outside of waterstones, you may feel an urge to
purchase books, or even one of the many fine comics they have. Now,
walk down Magdalen Street, then continue down St Giles. Continue
walking till you reach Little Claringdons St. and Turn into the
Street. Head towards the place that has "G&D's Ice Cream Cafe" written
on it.

Look for someone with a copy of "TSOD".

The Management is not responcable for people getting lost due to
subtle flaws in the above directions. (And those bits that are based
on Stewarts Directions)

If you need to get in contact with me my Mobile Phone Number is
0403445890, I prefer SMS text messages.

(Information about Oxford and Oxford Buses can be found at and

 - J

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