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From: (Nanny Ogg)
Subject: [F] The Hallowe'en meet in London
Date: 16 Oct 1999 14:55:40 GMT
Message-ID: <>

First off, sorry for being pretty much off this group at the moment.  I'm busy
with other stuff, and I'm just not going to get caught up on it all before I go
on holiday, so if I've missed anything anyone wanted me to answer then please
just shout loudly.  I'll try to get back full-time in a few weeks.

Secondly, about the Hallowe'en meet - who else is likely to be going?  I'll be
down in London that weekend as I'm flying in from Philadelphia to Gatwick on
the Saturday morning.  I probably won't make it as a) I'll be bloody knackered
and b) my parents will probably want me to show my face at home, but it'd be
nice to have some idea who's going to be there so that I know how strong the
enticement is for me to be there!

All the best,


Castle Witch and Castle Chirugeon
`Everything that passes unattempted is impossible' - Stephen Donaldson
~`We are _ka-tet_ - one from many.  Let the palaver begin.'~ - Stephen King

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