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From: (Dilesj)
Subject: [F] Pterry signing in Leeds
Date: 05 Oct 1999 22:38:52 GMT
Message-ID: <>

This is [F] at the moment, with the possible potential of perhaps
becoming [ANNOUNCE] in the not too distant future.  Maybe.
Anyway, my attention was caught by this little snippet of information
re the T5E signing tour:

>Saturday 13th November
>Borders, 94-96 Briggate, Leeds

So, anyone else likely to be there?  Any chance of this developing 
into a meet of any kind?  I was thinking of a kind of afternoon get
together, but it could develop into an evening do (what can I say,
I'm easily led).  If anyone is interested, and knows a good place 
to go (I don't live in Leeds, it's just the nearest place on the tour),
then let me know.  If there's enough interest, I'll get back to you.
(Well, no, I'll get back to you anyway.  If there's enough interest,
I'll get back to you with more details.)

Diane J.
(This probably isn't a good time to mention the ORG-Y, is it?)
"May you live in interesting pants!"
Terry Pratchett, Interesting Times

From: "Pam Harrison" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Leeds Post-signing Meet - Saturday 13 Nov
Date: 4 Nov 1999 20:48:16 -0000
Message-ID: <>


An afpmeet is to take place on Saturday 13th November, immediately following
the signing at Borders on Briggate in Leeds.  Very conveniently the book
shop has a cafe, where the meet will commence, moving a little later to
Whitelocks pub further down Briggate, down the side of the Northern Rock
Building Society.

As the signing starts at noon, the meet start time is flexible from then on.

BM Alex (Carlton) and Andrea have volunteered (well ALMOST volunteered,
definitely conscripted) to host the meet , I won't be available for the
start, though I will be in the shop.  Look for the tee-shirts and chocolate


By car

The suggested parking place, as it is Saturday (not the best day to park in
the city), is the Merrion Centre - complicated directions from the end of
the M1/M621 are appended.

Coming in to Leeds from the south on the M1/M621 follow the signs for the
city centre.  The approach is quite messy - too many traffic lights! - but
just keep going straight ahead. Pass the Privilege Insurance Company
building on the left, then the Hilton Hotel.  Under wide railway bridge -
the Dark Arches -(the
station is now in your left) as you go up a short rise to traffic lights
stay in right hand lane.  Follow signs for the Infirmary and the
University  -
you are about to go through City Square - the centre of Hell. Take the
second exit from City Square,
 (narrow turning at 11 o'clock) along Quebec Street (the Norwich Union
office is on your right,
stay in right hand lane.  Round to right (East Parade)  - in middle lane as
you approach second set of
traffic lights.  This is the Headrow junction.  Straight across at lights
move to right hand lane when past lights.  Up to next lights, turn right
(Great George Street) Middle lane to next lights - straight over junction -
Merrion Centre is on your left.  Next left around back of Centre, car park
entrance on your left.

Walking from the car park go back to the last set of traffic lights, turn
left downhill (Albion Street) down to the Headrow, turn left and Briggate is
the next major road on your right.  Borders is near the junction.

By train

Train into Leeds City Station.  From City Square cross the road to your
right on to Boar Lane - a little further on you will see the entrance to the
Bond Street Centre across the road.  Go through the Centre to the north into
Bond Street, turn right down Commercial Street to junction with Briggate.
Turn left up Briggate and Borders is on the right near the top of the hill.

By bus

Bus into Quarry Hill bus station.  behind the bus station is Kirkgate
Market.  Walk up the hill alongside the market (George Street)  to Vicar
Lane.  Cross the Lane - using the crossings or you take you life in your
hands - and continue up the hill (now a paved area, King Edward Street) to
the next junction which is Briggate. Turn right and Borders is further up on
the right.

- ---

Pam xxx

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From: "Pam Harrison" <>
Subject: [F] AFPMeet @ Leeds signing
X-Priority: 3
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Message-ID: <J%TW3.909$C4.38232@news1-hme0>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 12:18:39 -0000

I have been informed by the bookshop, Borders on Briggate, that after the
signing there will be a Discworld quiz in the cafe where the meet is to
start.  Prizes are Clarecraft figures donated by a local shop.  Some of the
staff are also preparing food using recipes from the cookbook for those

It seems they have decided to make this a big event so bring your brains and
pencils and your appetites  with you.


Pam xxx

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