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Gid'n'Suzi's New Year Meet: Report

From: "Suzi" <>
Subject: [F] New Year Meet Report
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 18:03:35 -0000
Message-ID: <84tclq$evd$>

Other attendees should feel free to add whatever comments they like as I am
bound to have missed significant events <G>

Parte the Firste ~ The Eve of the New Yeare
People arrived... some were fetched from the nearest still open train
station. By the time this had happened, there were many in attendance, so we
trundled up the road to the pub for a few hours of merrymaking, drinking,
debauchery, and silly games. The ppint.ish personage arrived a bit later
(about the time the return to the house from the pub happened)... this was
now everyone who was expected so food happened and more merrymaking.
Drinking and eating happened. Joy rang up from NZ just about the same time
as the return from the pub happened to wish everyone a happy new year (as it
had already happened "down under"). The poor party attendees were driven out
of the house to perform ye olde ritual of "firstfooting" around the midnight
hour - and then more partying (including champagne, of which we seemed to
have at least one bottle per person!). "Labyrinth" was watched, and then YHN
has no idea what time everyone else eventually got to bed as she wimped out
at some unearthly hour leaving most of the others to it.

Parte the Seconde ~ The First Day of the Last Yeare of the Millennium
Eventually everyone got up - and breakfast eventually happened (well - more
of a "Lunch" really by the time it was cooked)... cooking bacon and sausages
for 15 is "interesting" when using just one oven (no grill). A lot of the
day was taken up with people playing silly games on Murky's new
playstationthing (FIFA soccer and Micro Machines) as well as "normal" silly
party games (like Charades and Pass the Parcel). More drinking happened. And
more eating (with pizzas and quiches for the evening). Eventually the
playstationers were "persuaded" to put the playstation to bed for the night,
and "The Fifth Element" was watched (and this time YHN didn't even make it
all the way through the film before wimping out and retiring <g>).

Parte the Thirde ~ The next day and general notes
Eventually everyone got up (where have I heard that before?), although one
afper was "assisted" in awakening... and breakfast (continental style this
time) happened. More FIFA and Micro Machines happened until mid afternoon
when most people started to pack up and leave due to distances to be
The one thing I did notice was there was actually very little in the way of
geeking -
although true to our normal form quite an amount of both bread and chocolate
were consumed.

Appendix A ~ The Attendees
Charles "Official AFPGiant" Cooke
Thomas Pratchett
Darren Davison
Rob "The Ergonomist" Cotterill
Adrian "I'm not Thomas' twin" Wragg
Ben "Womble" Hutchings
Murky B & Monica
Sarah "Nanny Ogg" Whippman
Barry "Official Sad Bastard" R.
Barry Vaughan
Susan McKever
.... oh... and Gid & Suzi of course...
and Voddie turned up for New year's Day

Appendix B ~ The Quote File
Sorry - we were all having too much fun to keep a quote file... so unless
anyone remembers any particularly remarkable quotes - there are none <g>
<phew say the multitudes>


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