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Cambridge 23.01: Announce

From: Ben Hutchings <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Cambridge 23.01, 15th January
Date: 8 Jan 2000 12:01:51 -0000
Message-ID: <>


Date:     15th January
Time:     12 noon till late
Location: Starting at The Alma pub, Cambridge;
          proceeding to Cambridge Winter Ale Festival

This meet was originally supposed to feature Natalie Mayer as a star
guest, and last most of the weekend.  Unfortunately, Natalie has not
been able to visit (she may tell you the reasons if you ask nicely).
Still, it's my birthday on 11th January and I want to see some friends
around then, so a reduced meet will go ahead.

The Alma pub is run by friends of Gid Holyoake, and when visited on
the Sunday morning of the last Cambridge meet appeared to be serving
good beer and food.  However, a wider selection of beers (if not food)
is sure to be available at the Winter Ale Festival (run by CAMRA).


The Alma pub is near the station, in Russell Court.  The map at
<URL:> shows where this is.

Here's a poor ASCII-art rendition of relevant roads on that map;
the * marks the pub.

       | |                                       | A14
       | |                                         
       | |                                \ \/ /
      / /                | |             _,'  /
     / (   Fen Causeway  | `------------' _,-.\
    ( o `----------------' .-------------'   \ \
    / _,-----------------, |  Lensfield Road  \ \ Hills Road
___/ /                   | |                   \ \
____/Newnham Road        | |         __*_       \ \
              Trumpington| |  |  |  |____        \ \
<- M11               Road| |__|__|__|_____________\ \
                         | |      Bateman Street   \ \    
                                                       -> station

If you're coming via the M11, take the road to Cambridge from junction
12; this leads into Newnham Road and the roundabout at the left of the
map (heading roughly northwards).  Here, turn right onto Fen Causeway,
right again onto Trumpington Road, and left on Bateman Street.  Look
for parking somewhere around there.

If you're coming via the A14, follow signs to the station; these
will bring you onto Hills Road, which you can see on the right of
the picture.  Turn right onto Bateman Street.

If you come by train, go to the other end of Station Road and turn
right onto Hills Road.  You will then be heading north; Bateman
Street is on the left a short way up from here.

If you come by coach, go through the covered shops besides the coach
station to St Andrew's Street.  Turn left and continue straight ahead
for about a mile - this will take you into Regent Street and then
Hills Road.  Bateman Street will then be on your right.

Crash space:

I can provide at least 3 spaces; possibly more if needed.  If any
Cambridge afpers can offer additional space, please let me know.

How to find me:

There's a recent picture of me at

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