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Nottingham Rocky Horror Picture Show Nonmeet: Announce

From: (jester)
Subject: [F] Stuff in Nottingham
Date: 17 Jan 2000 18:51:24 GMT
Message-ID: <>

It seems like such a long time since the last Nottingham meet, that a
couple of us locals think it might be time for another get together.

I'm not going to announce anything just yet, because we want to scout out
a pub in the city to see if it's in any way suitable as a replacement for
the traditional meet pub, which is no longer actually local to any of the
meet regulars.

Also, while I'm here and thinking about a date, is there any interest in
either of the following, at the Royal Centre:

March 13 - 18: Rocky Horror Show
April 25 - 29: Reduced Shakespear Company - The Complete Millennium

Replies with cc acceptable (use the reply to:)

Andy Brown
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From: (jester)
Subject: [F] Nottingham stuff. more details
Date: 22 Jan 2000 17:13:38 GMT
Message-ID: <>

I'm not going to post this as an announce, as it's not really [R] at all.

I've had some interest in my previous post, so here's some more details.

An actual meet will be arranged in the near future, once a decision has
been made on where to have it.

Now, back to the other stuff.

Reduced Shakespear Company, April: No further deatils (like times & costs)
are available yet. I'll keep checking.

Rocky Horror Show, March:
OK, this I have more details for. I'm going to try to organise a booking
for the Saturday show (either 9pm or 6pm, depending on popularity), or
failing that Friday night. If anybody wants to come along, contact me
ASAP, as getting a block of seats together on the last night might be
difficult if I leave it any longer than the next week or so. (I'm planning
on booking the tickets next Saturday), we can work out how you're going to
pay me later (but I'll be extremely unhappy if I buy a ticket and you
don't show up 8-)

OK, the important bit, cost:
Sat (18th) 6pm - 
	Stalls 21, & 18 (I'll bet that the 18 quid ones are right at the
	back or where you can't see the stage)
	Dress Circle 21
	Upper Circle 17
	Balcony 10 (it's cheap, but do you really want to be on the shelf?)

Fri (17th), Sat 9pm
	Stalls 23.50 & 21
	Dress Circle 23.50
	Upper Circle 18
	Balcony 12

So, anybody that's interested, please let me know which show you would
prefer, and where you'd like to sit (1st & second choice), and I'll go for
the majority decision. Personally I'd probably go for the Upper Circle at
6 on the Saturday. That'd even give us a chance to have a meet of sorts

Running time, going from memory of the last tour, will probably be a
couple of hours (the 6pm show will be tighter on time obviously, and last
time I went (to the final show of the week) it was almost midnight by the
time it finished)

Andy Brown (Just a Sweet Transvestite 8-)
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