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Nottingham Rocky Horror Picture Show Nonmeet: Report

From: "Dragon Prince" <>
Subject: [F] A short report from the Nottingham RHPS nonmeet(0)
Message-ID: <IRlB4.594$>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 09:04:00 -0000

Jester,PamH,Brett,Peter,Bluebottle,Anejo,Pthomas,SimonC, three of Jesters
Amm Dram buddies, A reputation & a Coat.

It began for YHN, early one friday afternoon,  a short train ride to
nottingham, Via most of central england.  Ariving in Nottingham I decided
that the easiest way to get to Jesters was to partake the use of A Hackney
Cab.  ah well I thought soon  be there.  I did how ever wonder why the Pilot
of the said carrage decided to look into the Ato Z for the location of the
house......  not worrying you ask your self well It was for me.  we were
driving at some rate of Knots at the time.  Eventualy the Driver found the
correct street.  I payed up and offered a small vote of thanks to who ever
was incharge upstairs that evening.

    Upon Knocking on the Door I found that Pam H,  had arived not long
before.  Hugs were exchanged.....things were geeked though quite what I
don't remember this mourning as I type this report.  though I do remember
that Robot wars was watched,  and a short discussion as to what an AFP.
Robot would be like.  Mr Charles the erstwile host of the show said a
memorable line but unfortunatly at this point the meet was inquorate so he
escaped being quoted for now.[1]  Pam did the honours in the cullinary
department,  surving up a delightful Chicken Sweet and sour.Just prior to
eating a phone call was recieved.  It was Peter.  saying that he, his
reputaion and various other persons would soon be in nottingham.  ah good we
though.  after the meal was compleate  we get another call from the young Mr
Elis.  to ask if Jester could give the taxi Driver Directions. Here we go
again I thought!

    Eventually Peter, the Reputation & Bluebottle arived.  Introductions
were made.  Hugs were exchanged.  and the new arivals were serviced
with food[2].  talk turned to things geeky,  and somewhere along the line "
the colour atlas of venerial desiease's  seaped into the converstion.  along
with a discription of a certain medical photographer and his pictures of a
well know runners testicle.  then suddenly the phone rang.  it was Anejo!
with yes you can guess it! can you tell the taxi driver HOW to get to the
House of Jester.  eventually  things settled down.  but not before a certain
person of no reputaion at all,( well the reputation staid down stairs)
decided that he realy did nead to send a post to AFP.

People departed to find thier crash space and thus to bed.........

    on the Saterday we were awakened by that most reliable of early saterday
morning alarm clocks.  the Pnumatic drill!  some local contracts deaming it
to be a good idea to start digging up the road at 8.57 on a saterday!  it
had been decided that we should all re assemble around 10pm at the
waterclock in one of Nottinghams shopping centers.ariving afpers bags were
taken to the cars whilst those left at the clokck wondered what a Diskworld
vesion would looklike.  though It was decided that it would have to be
portable so as to be able to transport it to meet and such like.

    all regrouped we went shopping.  first stop Evans'  for a pair of black
ladies undergarments for Peter.  then on to Ann Summers.  where various
items were also purchased,  and several things also boggled at.  from here
we departed and ended up in a leather shop.Leather was purchaced as if it
were about to become a rare commodity.  a clare's accessory shop was spoted
opposite.  Someone had said previously that Simon had emparted that under no
way was he to persuaded to have his ears pierced.  well as any seasond[3]
AFPer will tell you that was his first mistake...... ten short minuites
later.  Simon sported a nice new pair of holes in his ear's. as witnessed by
the assmbled afpmob.  I also discovered that the shop sold working keyring
versions of the trusty CPS water pistols.  well I couldn't resist and
purchaced a version fashioned after the cps2000.

food was then sort and Burger King decided upon was raided.  thence onto
several other shops where a number of velvety stokeable things were bought.
as time draged ontoward three oclock it was time to head back to house
Jester.  to meet with several of Jesters AM Dram friends.
Thomas was expected around this time and the portol guardian  was summond to
serve as greeter of guest.  I don't know who was more supprised by hte first
arivals as it wasn't Pthomas. * ah we're at the right house, theres mad
people here in* the newcommers anounced.

Ptomas showed up just after and was hugged and stroked in the afproved

the Girls decided that it was time they changed into something more
revealing and thus banished all the males to the Kitchen.  eventually Peter
was summond for his makeover. Time begain to slip away as the hour of the
arival of the taxis approached.  Supermouse arrived.  the taxis came and we
departed.  Peter was trying to distract other users of the queens high way
with flashes of his legs,  and at one point IDB he managed it[4].  ariving
at the theater we debussed and then went into the bar for a swift pre show
drink or severn.  the quote file opened.  well we tried to run one from
friday night but the availability of a stenographer at short notice,it was
sadly a moot point. Peter decided to make use of th full length window to
flash at various passing bus' and other Unsuspecting pasers by.

     the attendees all enjoyed the show,  which as alll good things are
sadly over far too quickly.

    Fresh Taxi's were ordered.  and the meet decamped to Jesters once more.
Pam once again did the honours with food.  wine was drunk.  chocolate
proffered  thomas sat in a corner being stroked to death.Randle and Hopkirk
(deceaced) was watched.  eventually people crashed.

    Sunday arrived,  well to say arrived would be moot.  reappeared would be
a better discription.  an old episoe of Dr Who was watched.  then Robot was
made its sunday repeat.... wahhhhah Mr Charles you think you escape that
quote so easily :)  Pam headed off whilst the remainder sat round  talking,
reading od bits of AFP.  Discusussed the influx of newless Clubies of recent
months (must be september again). At one point I said *peter* and before I
could continue Peter replied * yes I will marry you*[5] a short explination
was then given to one of the newer afpers there about how afp is one and one
is afp in the form of honourable relations.

    at one point it was discussed what would happen if the Borg assimulated
an AFPer,  we conclude that the the borg nation would grind to a holt whilst
it cought up on cannon, read the FFAQ's snd then started pedanting its self!
unless it was Gid at which point they'd all bugger off to thge pub!

shortly afterwards the meet departed supposedly ordering two taxis to take
us to the railway station. YHN, Thomas & Anjeo  talking the lead car.  after
waiting ten min's at the station a phone rang to say the other were still at
the house as the taxi had yet to arive![6]  Thomas played with a small wind
up train.  Evntualy the three outstanding attendees arived!   leaving hort
time for a few quick hugs of farwell.

Good sooon be home me thought.  how wrong could I be.......  ariving at
Coventry I discover that the train is not stopping at my destination and
that a Bus would be required[7]  ah well eventualy I got home!

---------------- The File of Quote's or what Peter said next ---------------

in no particular order.

I have a big base oil drum'
a small tenor oil drum,
and an E-Wok!

It goes down bellow 69!

I will be getting it at the Aprill fools meet (Anejo to Thomas)<Thomas'
eyebrow raises in disbelief?

I'm going to wash a wok,  I may be some time.

I Just want a *sheep* its as "simple" as that!

you don't have to lick all the way to the bottom.

Which is why catchers dont last as long as other positions.

I gave you a plucking earlier

Shearlock Holmes shorts, a nice Hawian tweed pair.

He's spending quality time with the (his) Kids
Bluebottle about Ptomas and the Baby Wibbles!

Yes! Yes! Wibble me!

Its a TV. version of Daja news
No it has n interface you can use.

Its a wheely bin with strap-ons (YHN)

Emotion is a weakness(Anon)
No, Its an erratic & powerful master (Anejo)

Thats boring it doesn't Vibrate!

is it me or do they have a metal version of princess leia's headress

After spending all my life trying to get into womens underwear, I couldn't
wait to get out of it again!

I allways wanted a sonic screwdriver!
Now I have a Leatherman!
Can *My* Leatherman do that !

It'd be interesting to find out if Marie (Osmond) likes anal sex

you can tell he's the boss he's got a big nob on his head
Doesnt from here you can see right up his nose!

from Dr Who
Cryon:- I thought I would never see another humanoid as long as I live
6th Dr:-Well, enjoy it while you can.
Oh------ Yes! (Anejo)

Emma, has the perfect mouth for the quote file.

if that was an oral stimulator, it would be a dam site larger than 9 inches!

Can He borrow your Cleavage?

With that beard, you look like Rincewind pretending to be a crap Sith Lord!

I'm never going to complain to my lass at how long it takes her to get ready
ever again!  overheared in the bar!

He's (peter) a trainee Transvestite!
A YTS transvestite
no a government sposored transvestite!

you've got a loverly fury thing!

is that a goth Penile extention?

do people realy keep those things in thier hand bags on the off chance.

I hate to fill in all th obvious ones, but Brett's beard made me do it!

Dont shoot! not from there!

I'm shure it had shrunk!

No one else is getting any! and I don't give a monkeys!

Just keep your knees together (Anejo to Peter)
Thats Difficult for me!

its the Policewomans Helmet, and the traffic cone I don't understand!

Peter, Have you been tasting your work?

from the show

Eddies fat * Meatloaf*

That Boaring wankers off again!

[0] allright Non as in unannounce meet not Non as in the womans name[9]
[1] well its repeated Sunday so we got him then >g<
[2]  right now go dry clean your mind!
[3] as any fowl know,  Salt, Pepper and a white wine sauce<20p>
[4] -10 san for that driver!
[5] right how many purity have I losed now?
[6] my advice in Nottingham don't use taxis youll end up in Skund!
[7]Damn AfPhantom!
[8] how did I get a foot not in the header
[9]see Grymmas post if you want to understand this[8]

Dragon Prince
we are Borg of afp. Prepare to be similarly humiliated!
( from a discussion re afp and the borg)

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