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April Fools Meet: Report

From: "Dragon Prince" <>
Subject: [F] Aprill Fools day meet.
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2000 19:51:33 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Thomas,Barry R,Awen,Peter,Julie,Mole,Ali,Susan.
YHN,Simon C.5 bars of Maya gold,a bar of Green & Blacks milkchocolate
plus three bars that Arwen brought with her.several fluffy toys.a lap top
(of more later)

yhh arived at the designatedl place slightly early. There was no one there,
well not strictly true, as there was only one free table!

After a quick look round, YHA commandered that free table for AFP. Going for
a drink, I met Barry R and Arwn, entering. Thomas arived next, with the
other attendies drifting in at various points. Hugs were exchanged.

Barry was elected to keep the quote file. But as he & Atwen had produced
barry's lap top Barry then decided that it would be a good idea to then add
stuff to his & Arwen's, Sims house. So that a full record of what happend
occured. Ie fell to YHA to record the memorable invectives

Talking was done on a number of topics, including how generaly grumpy AFP
has heen with clue neaitinq newbies.

Filks were sung, and at one point, the Filk sensi came up with the

I've vommed Baz
i've vommed Pete
i've vommed afpers all in heat
With a nicknack paddy wack
give a dog a vom,
I've vommed thousands - even Tom!

Thomas, nipped home, to tape "Randall & Hopkirk (deceaced).

Food was ordered, Mole discovered that the chip monster is alive and living
at AFP meets.Eventualy we retierd to the tardis! Stoping off at the off
leicence to get in some fresh supplies.  music was supplied via Barry's lap
top.#AFP,was joined and generaly geeked at. Mole,left to go to his hole.
More drink was drunk,talk,talked. Till eventualy people started to crash.


YHN was awoken, when someone put Thomas'cat on my face.
Food was cooked. wd devoured, Thomas' pet project for CCDE was run through.
Though at this point, YHN will leave a viel over this. You constant  reader
will have to wait awhile.
Shortly before four the meet decamped to the pub where Simon and my good
self departed. Which is where I will leave this report.

Quite, Quotes get your loverly Quotes!


'i shall call it mini me,
(Thomas, holding a pair of maya bars one large,the other small)

there's going to have to be a lot of velcro'

i hav'nt had duck in years (Ladylark)

could you get it out and flash it!,

 i think my cat is (thomas)

Do you want a screaming orgasm or just a Bailey's?

i had Kim V in quiery giving it to me big time(Julie)

please can i see the big thing again'  (Ali)

energier bunny just before bed time

it would have to be an introverted log

SIM *VOM*?, *Boggle*

first time i met mole he picked me up

we played rugby with naomi then I picked Brett up.

how big are the standard virgins  [Naomi]

peter will have to grasp a sweaty thomas'

I want to jump on Jarrad'  Barry

I'm a palm virgin'  Mole
I don't believe you' ali,

seen in the ladies,sign=no smoking.  why then ths ashtrys built into the

Peter to Thomas; I want you to hallucinate giant weasles.

will you stop tossing that elephant in front of me  {barry}

There was a young bottle named Julie
Whose morals were highly unruly
When an Ewok approached her
Her neighbours reproached her
With a quotient of vom most unruly.
As pened by Mole.

it's much more patrician if its just sliped in!

wookie bollocks'  a discription of tribbles!

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