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Cambridge Fanattiecal Meet: Report

From: (Rosemary Warner)
Subject: [M] Cambridge Fanattiecal Meet Report (at last-sorry)
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 19:13:19 GMT
Message-ID: <>

My first meet and I got told^Wasked to write the report. So here goes,
with apologies for it being.... erm... a little on the late side.

Date: Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th April

Present at varying times during the weekend:
Natalie Mayer, Renegade Soubrette, Ben Hutchings, Rachel Walmsley,
Rosemary Warner, Rand, Susan M, Corinne Pritchard, Barry R, Peter
Ellis,  Julie Lund/Bluebottle, MegaMole, Jamie Crowther, Emmet
O'Brien, Ian Collier, Eoin O'Tuairisg, Quantum Moth, ccooke, J,
PThomas, Carl Emery.

If I've missed anyone out, I apologise, I was going by the photos I
took (which incidentally should be at if I can get it working)

1pm to about 3.15 ish:
The meet gradually assembled at The Castle, and the first quote was
recorded within minutes of being quorate. Fluffy toys were got out,
etc, etc.

3.15 pm (ish):
A trip was made to the Fitzwilliam Museum, where a lot of standing in
circles happened, as did admiration of large weapons in the armoury.
There were some interesting pictures made up of dots/lines etc, and
Corinne and Nattie nearly got thrown out for singing.
    Then it started to rain. Hard.

5.15 pm. 
A group of bedraggled and very wet AFPers arrives at The Castle Inn
after walking across half of Cambridge- and finds it shut. Luckily
there was another pub opposite which we sat in and dried off until the
Castle opened.

Preciseley about six-ish:
The meet transferred to the Castle where fluffy toys were got out
again, chocolate was consumed... and I was introduced to the delights
of chocolate covered coffee beans.
Unfotunately at 10.30 my dad came to pick me up :-(  , so if anyone
wants to fill in Saturday night... (nattie? rachel? you know you want
to really....)

Sunday morning:
I arrived at Woolworths at 12.00 as people were finishing their
breakfast. A very, very large Supersoaker was purchased by Barry, so
CCDE could be very....  er.... interesting from that point of view....
We sat in another pub after that until about 3.30, then Mole and Rand
(?) went to see Toy Story 2 and the rest of us foolhardily^W went

"Other side Ben" was heard several times during our trip, as was
"Duck, Barry". People got a little splashed, we hit other boats
several times (and got hit), but a good time was had by all (as far as
I could tell anyway)

The meet headed back to the Castle Inn and gradually dispersed through
the evening.
Sunday night: the remaining AFPers (Nattie, Ben, myself, Mole and
Rachel) crashed at Ben's house and minus Ben, we were shown round
Cambridge by Mole on Monday morning.

The Quotefile: (thanks Ben)

Nattie : Only the ones strong enough to survive me...oh god that
sounds horrible
Susan: anything about bonding got severely twisted
Thom: The balls were just so shiny and hypnotic
J: then the doctor sprinkled salt on them and they shriveled up
Rosemary: Try spending your entire 16th birthday with your brother
going "glink" at you
Rosemary: I don't think I can get my mouth around it
Nattie: He is Peter, fisher of quotes
Emmet: I didn't sleep at all at the first con
Rand: I like playing with small things like that
emmet: you have foursomes in everythinq in school?
Mole: "Luke, dance a tango with me and then we shall rule the universe
Emmet: It took me 20 seconds, what do you expect?
J: I deny all responsibility; however, it was my pencil
Ben: You've sat on me before. Was that not comfortable?
Barry: I've got a big mouth so it doesn't bother me
Eoin: Your hands are lovely; I just can't take too much of it
Barry: Can I slide in a bit?
Thomas: I present...The Thomas Organ
Nattie: I am *not* going to let you do that four times
Peter: But the thing is, you just can't swallow that much
Barry: Just drop it rather than guide it in
Barry: Take it or else it's going to drop
Ben: I get the theory, it's just the fucking practice
Nattie: How's about we get off and just pull?
Rachel: I want number 69
Barry (I think): When you pull yourself, pull it in as well
Corinne: You've been everywhere; got a bit of everything in you
ccooke: He's far too cute to eat me
ccooke: This is why I do not want Thomas to get his hands on either of
ccooke: Yours is taller. Mine's flatter.
Mole: Yes! Stick it in!
Nattie: You're tossing Cthulhu
Mole: I've just got this image of the Karma Sushi
Thomas to Barry: You're not getting any now
Peter: I've managed to do it in one breath before
Mole: I can't make it fit, and neither can Rosie
Rachel: I can't not look at your wossnames - you're waving them in my
Rosemary: I've seen the entire Asterix- it was about <spreads hands 1'
apart> this long
Dan the Fudge Man (Pratchett fan owner of the fudge shop): Apart from
Rachel, who obviously doesn't want any of my chocolate fudge
Mole: Can I lick your balls?
   Rosemary: I'll just have to find one that isn't wet


Member of WWACCDE99,Sister of Vetinari.|**VIOLA PRIDE!**|
Proudly and musically AFPianced to Nattie and Mole, and bookishly to Mark Datko

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