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From: Mark Datko <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Kelham Island meet : Sat/Sun April 15/16
Date: 29 Mar 2000 21:21:36 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Sheffield 1.0 beta - Kelham Island, Sunday April 16, 2000

As some of you know, particularly if you are an irc regular,
I have recently moved to this delightful part of the UK and
as I am just about settled in, I thought I would have a go at
organizing a local meet.

It just so happens that a Medieval re-enactment group are
appearing at Kelham Island on Sunday April 16.

What is Kelham Island ?

Kelham Island is Sheffield's Industrial Archaeology Museum

When is the Kelham Island meet ?

Since the museum is open from 11:00 until 16:45 I thought that
we would afpassemble at 11:00 at the entrance with a view to
entering the museum at about  11:15

How much will it cost ?

The entrance fees are (ATMIT)
Adult 3.50 ukp Child 2.00 ukp  "Family" (2 adults & 2 children) 8.00 ukp
(there are no group discounts)

There is a cafe on site

How do you get there ?

South Yorkshire has a very good public transport system so I'll start
with by train :

By train : travel to Sheffield station, then get the tram :-)
(the supertram stop is on the eastern side of station and is
reached by stairs from the north end of the easternmost platform :follow
the signs)

By tram :
Sheffield tram system is roughly the shape of a 'Y'
You need the NE branch of the 'Y' that means catching a
tram with Middlewood or Malin bridge on the front if you are
coming from Sheffield centre or the station.
(That's in a northbound direction from the train station
  so *don't* cross the tram tracks when leaving the train station)
Trams are roughly every 20 min on Sundays and should take
about 20-25 min to get to *Shalesmoor*. Then proceed on foot

By bus :
Several buses stop in Pennistone Lane close to the tram stop
Consult the SYPTE for further details (helpline 01709 515151)

By foot from the tram stop :

If you alighted from a Northbound tram cross the dual carriageway
and follow the brown tourist signs with the factory-with-a-chimney
logo on. Go down the short road with cobbles at the end and turn right
into Green Lane. Go *past* the Green Lane Works and follow the road
passing the Fat Cat pub. You will come to the museum car park
and simply follow the signs. This should take no more than 10-15 mins
and you should have the 'real' chimney in view for some of the time
in front of you or on your left.

By car :
 From Sheffield centre follow the signs for Barnsley A61
The turning for Kelham island is just by the aforementioned tram-stop
off the main Sheffield-Barnsley northern radial dual-carriageway (A61)
Pennistone Lane
and is clearly signed with the brown tourist info style signs
If you are a football fan (in Sheffield I know that's unlikely ATM)
this road is the way to Hillsborough.

How do I know its an afpmeet ?

If you haven't met me before at either of the conventions, CCDE last year
or various southern, western and northern meets, I shall be sporting
my Linux penguin 'tux aka linus' and standing under the previously
mentioned vat (you'll see the vat if you don't see me :-) )

If you wish to contact the museum for any further info
their no is 0114 272 2106

What happens before and/or after ?

oh go on then, I might as well have an impromptu house warming on the
Saturday before. Hopefully I will have a fair amount of crash space
(it may be a case of build your own)
by then, and its possible that other local afpers may have some to offer
Failing that there is some very reasonably priced B&B accommodation available
in local hostelries :-) within a short work of chez Dmark.

If in the unlikely event anyone is interested in coming to a house warming
as well as the 'Grand day out' on the sunday please email me in the first
instance. (

- --
Mark Datko

Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


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From: "Andrea" <>
Subject: [F] Sheffield mini (and growing) meet
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 18:46:20 +0100
Message-ID: <8cqfs9$mdi$>

Hi all

Just a quick note for all those who like me seem to be missing the announced
dmark has sent - there will be a meet in sheffield strting on Friday the
14th of April (my birthday) and continuing through Saturday (dmarks
housewarming) and on till Sunday the 16th (the medievil re-enactment at
Kelham Island).

Anyone wishing to come, contact the hosts, ratty,dmark or myself and we will
let you know details and times.

Crash space is available in both houses, though some is booked already by
Tigger, Gaspode, Daniel, Ppint, Dragon Prince and others. All welcome :-)

Andrea and ratty

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