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From: "Moth" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Westcountry Meet (at last) August 18th
Date: 7 Aug 2000 20:30:29 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Well, having found another Plymouth-based afper (Hi Sandriana!), it seems 
the time is ripe for a Westcountry meet.

The time: 18th August to.. uh, whenever you go home.

The place: Uh... Plymouth? Well, okay, the most probably meeting point at 
this stage is the Caffeine Club, which is the nicest place I can think 

If you're arriving after it's closed, we may well have moved on. If you're
interested mail me at and I can give you directions and 
a more accurate plan of the meeting points.

The reason: You need a reason, huh? Well, it was going to be the National
Fireworks Competition, but that was middle of next week, so nah.. :(
So the new reason is.... Well, we could go and see The X-Men. I think 
there's enough interest amongst afpers to justify that. Or, should you not
fancy that, there's Union Street at the Theatre Royal, a bit show
"By and Starring The People of Plymouth". The Gods alone know if i's any
cop. OR, should neither appeal, I have a large(ish) flat and a big telly 

Crashspace: The aforementioned Big Flat has room for... uh.. (counts on 
fingers) maybe nine people crashing in various places with only a slight 
bit of discomfort. Whether or not I have a flatmate by this point (or if
I can convince them to go on holiday...) may change that, but, yeah.
Quite a few. I can't speak for Sandriana, but there may be the possibility
there. And this is Plymouth. Touristy place. Loads of B+Bs just round the
corner from me.

So, there you have it. If I'm being too vague for you, mail me. If you 
want to come, mail me. Mail me anyway. I have no friends.


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