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From: Quantum Moth <>
Subject: [F] PlyMoth - a dull meet report.
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 00:56:28 +0100
Message-ID: <>

It was a cold, moonless night... Elsewhere. The first night of the 
PlyMoth meet was warm and, I think, it was a full moon. In fact, it was 
afternoon when it began, so the moon wasn't up at that point, either. 
Er. Never mind. Anyway, Kincaid was supposed to be the first to show, 
but - after 40 minutes in a coffee shop - I decided that he was lost and 
went to fetch Corinne from the station. At intervals of about an hour 
from then we got Kincaid and Rachel and, finally Sandra.

The first evening was spent... well, first we geeked Star Trek[1] for a 
bit. Then, while I made a lasagne only Kincaid was brave enough to 
finish, Quake II was played by the others. In between stirring the 
cheese sauce, I observed a tactic hithertobefore not seen on Quake - the 
tactic of "Standing very still while the other player frags the hell out 
of you". It worked very well. For the person doing the shooting. 
Strange, the way people work. Anyway, at roughly the same time, we 
opened a line to #afp; and I would like to personally apologise to 
anyone who was there when we were. Especially ppint, who struggled 
humanfully through with us bellowing about "dip" and "Now 5" while 
trapped, alone, on a split channel. This carried on until we lost 
interest and wandered off to bed. It was a slow night. What can I say? 
We had fun.

Saturday was pretty slow to start, too. Eventually we acquired a Ben and 
an Eric, so - with Sandra called to arms and a nice greasy-spoon 
breakfast under (or just above) our belts - we set off to watch X-Men, 
like the nicely trained geeks we are. The movie was deemed almost 
unanimously "...alright" by the company, who seemed distinctly 
underwhelmed. Yes, it's not that hot. It's okay, like, but it's not as 
good as it should be. Hey, ho. Live, learn. Still, I got a rather nice 
new cup thing out of the whole experience, which makes it not entirely a 
useless thing.

On the way back to my house, we observed small metal fish implanted into 
the pavement outside the aquarium and a swing bridge was seen in 
operation. We're exciting people, aren't we? Yes, we are. No, we are. 
We're dynamic and sexy. Ohhh. Leave me alone.

Special guest Pia - along with her chauffeur, some bloke called Mike 
Queue or something - arrived not long after we got back to the house, 
and, to be honest, was something of a shock. I have become accustomed to 
not construct mental pictures of afpers, so as to avoid shocks, but, 
well, Pia... you I did not expect :)

I can't actually remember what happened on Saturday night, for some 
reason. I was very tired. Oh, yes. Star Wars Monopoly was played. 
Strangely, there was a small fight over who got to be Artoo... Geeks, 
huh? <sef> With eight people, gaining a set was practically impossible; 
Rachel, playing as Chewbacca, became increasingly obsessive about how 
many spaces she would have to travel before there was an available 
property to buy "All the properties have been bought for fourteen spaces 
ahead of me..". I quit early, handing my cash and properties over to 
Corinne (natch), who went on to win by default (ie, she seemed to be 
winning at the point everyone simultaneously went "Oh, sod this, shall 
we get some food?"). The group then split, with Ben, Kincaid and Rachel 
trooping out for Chinese takeaway while the rest of us ordered pizza 
online (ooooh, aren't we sad?) - alas, what with us faffing about with 
the website's order form, the order didn't go through (five minutes too 
late for delivery! Bastards) so we had to phone for it anyway. D'oh. 
Anyway, I remember a bright green sky, but have no idea what happened 
next, as I ate half my pizza and fell asleep. Anyone...?

Sunday was yet another beautiful morning in the South West, and my flat 
suddenly became the Marie Celeste - I went upstairs and there were no 
afpers to be found. Took me a while - and a phone call to Sandra - to 
work out that they were in the greasy spoon again, so we went and had 
another artery-clogging experience[2]. We then studiously avoided the 
Radio One roadshow on the Hoe and went across the water to Mount 
Edgecumbe[3]. I'm sorry, I was in a mood at this point[4], and will 
leave this bit to someone else. All I'm going to say is "Huge Inflatable 
Coke Bottle".

And that's pretty much it, to be honest. Sorry to waste your time with 
this report, as it was a very subdued kinda meet; very chilled and that, 
but not much to read about. Anyone else who was there, please add to 
this, but that's as far as I can go.

And, to reflect the low-key atmos of the meet, there is only quite a 
small quote file

Rachel: I grunt regularly

Kincaid: Making this thing go up and down isn't as easy as it should be.

Corinne: I'm looking up - and I can't stop!

Sandra: Right, you're going to have to shove your finger down that 
toad's throat, you know.

Corinne: Moomins in bondage...

Rachel: It's so he can do it without messing up his hair.

Moth: Want to see a monkey?

Eric: There's nothing so stupid a Canadian won't do it eventually.

Moth: Pull it, woman!

Rachel: It vibrates when you hit the walls - I like that.

Kincaid: I'm not 25 yet, that's not halfway to 30!

Pia: That was quick - it must have been all the lubricant.

[1] And, yes, we felt dirty doing it.
[2] A big feature of the meet; ask Pia about the cream teas..
[3] Which may be misspelt, but who's going to check?
[4] I was missing my love, what can I say? She was staying back with 
Rachel, who wasn't feeling too good. *sigh* sorry.

thom willis - - madly in love with Corinne!
Protecting the world from devastation since... uh, February.
Long and boring.
I do apologise

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