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Bedford: Report

From: Rand <>
Subject: [I] Bedford Meet report
Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 17:10:18 +0100
Message-ID: <>

I've been volunteered to do the Bedford meet report.  It was rather
uneventful so I'll be able to be short.

Attendees : Susan_M (our wonderful hostess), Nikki, Kelly, John, Carl,
and myself (Rand)

Met up at Pilgrims Progress in Beford around 2, with John being found in
another part of the pub at 3.
Notable events : Rand being photographed with a drunk turtle on his

From there we progressed to a second hand bookstore where many books
were aquired.  Then shopping for CD's where only 1 managed to escape the

In passing a cuddly toy shop, a shiny winged Dragon was obtained for
Susan - who naturally named it 'Dragon', even though everyone else
though it should have been Errol.  Kelly got a Cat - name
unknown/forgotten/too tired to listen.

Tramping through pouring rain, we reached the next pub, where only a
single round of drinks passed before the consensus decided that we
should just head to Susan's place and watch videos and eat pizza.

'Dogma' was attempted to be played but was unsuccessful, so instead many
episodes of Red Dwarf were shown.
Carl headed off around 9pm.
After videos ended, Rand, Susan and John played a game of scrabble.
Scores were (from vague recollection of night before) 206, 136, 184.

Everyone then crashed early for the night, and woke up for more helpings
of Red Dwarf, before heading our various ways.

Quotefile is rather limited:
I blame the lack of chocolate for the lack of quotes. - Rand

And no doubt the others will add things that I missed due to me being
the walking sleeper for much of the day!

afpiancee to Rosemary and Susan_M

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