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Glastonbury AFP/Mini-List Meet: Announce

From: "MEG" <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] "Special AFP/Mini-List meet called for Glastonbury
Date: 26 Aug 2000 16:36:00 +0100
Message-ID: <>


Also posted to 25th August 2000

Rocky and MEG invite you:

An invite to a joint afp/miniac meet.
(For miniacs, afp is the newsgroup for fans of the
works of Terry Pratchett
For afpers, miniacs are fans of the one true Mini motor car.)

We are planning a joint afpeople/Mini-list musical meet at the tower on
Glastonbury Tor, UK on Saturday, Sept. 23. A car-park full of Minis would
top it off splendidly.

Plans are to arrive at the Tor between noon and 3 pm and stay until at 
dark & perhaps a bit longer, bring food and drink and musical instruments
and warm clothes and brollies (just in case) and torches for the walk back
down, possibly in the dark. If somebody brings a small battery-powered CD
Player we can still have music during non-playing interludes. The path to
the Tor is steep and long, so if you're bringing a string bass, better 
a couple of helpers. ;)

People who arrive earlier may want to explore Glastonbury Abbey, a most
remarkable, magical and historical place. Glastonbury also has a number of
fine eating establishments in town. Rocky reports that he had a bowl of
wonderfully fine pasta the last time he was in town.

Tourist information says that there no  special *Tor* events planned for 
23rd and we are perfectly welcome to hold this gathering. It will be 
Arts week and the rural life museum in Chilkwell  Street (one of the 
paths up
to the Tor) will have a display celebrating this.
The Cathedral closes at about twilight (currently 17:30h) but normal 
is 3UKP for adults with concessions for groups of more than ten.

Glastonbury Tor is an old high holy place, a perfect place to come and 
a convivial gathering, a musical celebration. Guitars, drums, rhythm
instruments, flutes and horns, good food and drink will help us celebrate
each other and two of
England's finest works of art: the writings of Terry Pratchett and Sir
Alec's Minis. Perhaps we can have a ceremony noting the end of official
production of the classic Mini and our dedication that the real Minis will
never ever die.

Rocky is bringing an American Indian Colorado sage smoke bundle to offer 
the tower and plans to do the pipe ceremony of the nine arrows there 
sundown to tie the two halves of the world together.

Mail me for further information but please retain the existing subject 
so that my filter works and I can keep all the enquiries together.

Hope to see you there,

- - MEG

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