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From: "Andrea" <>
Subject: [F] Oxford Meet the Umptineth, 7th-8th October
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2000 18:09:00 +0100
Message-ID: <8qqlb7$ire$>

[Re Posted, as until is back on its feet, the announce
may not work all that well.]

In this grande year of thine lorde 2000, let it be that an gathering
people will come to Oxford for a couple of days. And then goeth home.

Oxford Afp Meet the, er, lost count

On the 7th (Saturday) and 8th (Sunday) of October, any afpers who want
come along to Oxford. On Saturday, we'll all meet up at the Bird, and
make some Ice Cream runs to G&D's, starting around 7pm.

Then, around 1pm,  on Sunday, we will head to the Head of the River,
lunch and such.

those who missed the chance for *Bubbles* due to the cancellation of
Bubble Meet can bring along their bubble making equipment. We will be
to cheer those wizards of the soapy water on with gusto.

Crash Space

Unless you make other arraignments, those staying the night will
probably have
to crash at the Backpackers Hostel. (On the road from the Train
Station to
the Bus Station)


There is a map of Central Oxford at

You are advised against driving into oxford, please use the park and
train, or coach instead.

The Bird and Baby is on St Giles, and The Head of the River is on the
Aldate's Bridge.

See you there!

  - J

From: "Alan Pritchard" <>
References: <8qqlb7$ire$>
Subject: Re: [F] Oxford Meet the Umptineth, 7th-8th October
Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 13:20:19 +0100


Dear all,

Here is forthwith posted an amendment to Oxford Meet the Umpteenth, 7th-8th

For "Baby and Bird" read "Eagle and Child".  This is a common nickname in
the Oxford area, but any outsiders (xenophobia? us? hah!) might not be able
to work it out, and if you asked a local they might not understand, because
they probably call it "that horrible student hideout opposite that posh rich
college, St John's or something".

I'm not much good at directions either, but if you can find your way to
Worcester College around 6.30pm I might well be sitting at the gate
forlornly, holding a small fluffy dolphin for warmth.  It's one of the
nearest colleges to the station - go out and turn left, then keep going all
along that road over the bridge and along on the same side of the road, and
eventually to your left there will be a pair of iron gates.  Ring me on
07773 397147 (mobile) if you get lost.


afpianced to Thom (my love), Martin, Brett and Liz
light-twinned with nattie, afpAunt to Eric(dearie) and afpsis to Lacci
Unoffical winner of the CCDE2000 wet tshirt contest
"Digimon, digital monsters" - you're telling me.

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