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From: imalone <>
Subject: [F] Cambridge really quite hectic meet; 13/10/00
Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 13:29:41 GMT
Message-ID: <8s72o0$hp1$>

Right, I did submit an announce, but afpa is either not working
or the moderators have been busy. I'll make this short.

Castle Inn. Cambridge 9:30 tonight. 13/10/00.

The best email address to reach me at is <>
not the Yahoo one.

If you want details on how to get there (or you need my mobile
number) email me at the above address.

Look out for someone wearing basically white linen, and possibly
an anorankh. I will be there until ten/quarter past ten, at which
point I'll leave if no-one has shown up (which would be
understandable). I'm also emailing this to people who have shown
interest in attending. If this doesn't work out we can always try
another time.

"You have viruses, but I have resistance, and I am alive and you,
- are dead." Ken Macleod, The Star Fraction.
Posting from Deja because I don't have a choice.
You didn't think this would go smoothly did you?

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