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From: imalone <>
Subject: [F] Cambridge meet fiasco.
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2000 11:32:05 GMT
Message-ID: <8s9g7o$drm$>

In possibly the most spectacular failure since sinking in the boat
race, Cambridge were this year outdone by Oxford's seemingly flawless
meet. In a departure from tradition, the meet organiser failed to
find his own meet.

So, to get my own version of things out before anyone else:

In attendance: Peter Ellis, Jullie [1], Ben Hutchings, Steve Megson
In absentia: Nick Taylor, Ian Malone

I arrived at the castle at around 9:25pm, and had arranged to meet
a schoolfriend who I hadn't seen since coming to Cambridge. This
part was easy. The person in question turned up at 9:30, and suggested
trying some bitter (which isn't abundant in NI), so after ordering two
pints of London Pride at the bar, we settled back near the door to wait
for afpers. It's possible I was standing next to Peter Ellis at the
bar. In fact it's quite likely.

I have since been told that it is a good idea to organise these things
a good deal earlier. The reason why becomes apparent when you're
standing in a crowded bar trying to work out if there are afpers present
and you have no soft toys (those more experienced than me had brought
soft toys as I later discovered).

Shortly afterwards Nick Taylor arrived, and stood at the door looking
confused. I realised after a short while that he was probably looking
for me and introduced myself. The three of us talked until around half
ten, with me occassionally peering round for any more people. Finishing
the London Pride we moved onto IPA, which is strange. _Strange_, if
anyone can tell me what it tastes like (and it does taste like
something), I'll be quite relieved.

At around half ten my friend left, so Nick and I wandered down into
Cambridge to get a cup of coffee, went back up to the Castle were I
looked round for any sign of afpers (walking past the group once)
and then walked on up to see Nick back to his college.

On the way back my phone rang. Peter Ellis informed me that they
were all in the top of the Castle, and were was I? [2]

I then turned up at the Castle in time to say goodbye to everyone who
had made it.

For pretty obvious reasons I don't have a quotefile for you.

Here are some footnotes instead.

[1] Julie almost certainly has a surname. I don't know it though.
[2] Listening to the message left on my phone, and speaking to Steve
afterwards, they seem to have been under the impression that my time
on afp (including my name) was some kind of elaborate set up for a
practical joke. Would I do a thing like that?

"You have viruses, but I have resistance, and I am alive and you,
- are dead." Ken Macleod, The Star Fraction.
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Happy to leave this to the professionals in future.

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