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From: Karen <>
Subject: [F] Entmeet 001, London 27th October
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2000 00:23:02 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Announce format ruthlessly stolen from Martin :] This is short notice I
know so if you are  interested please, please  email me asap with
intent, and also any special requirements as I am currently trying to
fix on a venue.


Well its taken him a long time, years even, but hey that is Ents for
you. But we finally get the long promised Entmeet. Leo Breebaart (yes
that is two 'a's and rhymes with draycart appropriately enough) will be
in the country and pausing to make a lightning strike on London for an
afpmeet, possibly incorporating a demonstration of how it is done Dutch


London, venue to be established, but hopefully convenient for a couple
of mainline stations as well as tube.


Friday, October 27th, precise start time also to be established [sigh,
that is lightning strikes for you] 


Anybody who wants to come spend time with us.


Should you bring? Chocolate, strange candy and fluffy toys, envelopes
all welcome.  But mostly yourselves...


Please let me know if you're coming, so that I can tot up numbers, I'll
also try to co-ordinate  crash space if required so please send
offers/requests to me as well. Especially offers :]

Any further questions, remarks and suggestions, mail them to me as well.
Especially venue suggestions - target area is somewhere along circle
line accessible to Euston and Paddington stations. A venue which would
allow kids for at least early part of the evening may attract bonus
points for the baby sitting challenged. 


                                  New? Check 
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From: Karen <>
Subject: [ANNOUNCE][F] Entmeet 001, London 27th October - Venue details
Date: 23 Oct 2000 18:11:24 +0100
Message-ID: <>


"YAY"  we finally have a confirmed venue, which fits all needs as far as
I can tell :]:]
Oh and I have a new job, next week I start selling sand to Arabs :]

The Mythical Breebaart-Beast [thank you mpk] cometh. 

The Venue

The Venue is "The Green Man" pub, right opposite Great Portland St tube

You really can't miss it and if you do you simply need to ask a member
of the station staff "Can you please tell me where I can find The Green
Man?". At this point they will look at you as if you are their senile
grandmother, turn their head 90 degrees leftward, and point it out to
you. Anyone asking me how I know this will receive a Hard Stare.
This was my first choice of the 'hold' places. Gt Portland St tube is on
the Circle/Met/Hammersmith lines, short distance  by road or tube from
Euston, Kings Cross, and Paddington and Liverpool St are only a little
further on. The only mainline which is further is Waterloo.
Unfortunately moving mainline stations to more convenient locations in
London is beyond even my powers of persuasion :]

The Green Man has a very large basement which I couldn't get this time,
but which may well be ideal for future meets/Hogswatch parties etc so do
take a look whilst you are there if interested. You can have an area
sectioned off and children are not a problem downstairs so long as the
staff know to allocate you an area away from the bar itself.

Upstairs it is large and open with a couple of 'raised' areas, slightly
fenced around with tables and chairs. These are the areas which can be
sectioned off, and she isn't charging for the space [which many pubs
do]. We currently have Area 1 booked but if numbers go up much more I
shall ask for Area 2 which is larger. If this happens I will get back to

Currently Area 1 is booked from 6:00pm onwards, and is at the back of
the pub as you go in. Ask staff if in doubt, for Area 1 booked by Karen

Christine, the landlady, has been *very* accommodating and helpful - its
only been possible to meet all requirements at short notice in this way
because she *has* been helpful. The pub does food -  fish and chips, hot
and cold snacks/bar food, sandwiches etc.  

The Theme:
- ---------

The theme of "Fun and Games" has been suggested by the gust of honour.
Leo is bringing some with him and we thought maybe lots of short silly
games might be a change from tearing beer mats into their constituent
layers and also and people could move between games if they felt
inclined. And its a bit of an ice breaker for new people. For some old
ones too possibly...

If anyone has any games which fit into this category bring them along.
Simple familiar stuff usually works best for this. Ploughing through the
minute print of rule sets isn't generally associated with a sociable
evening:]  Games which are short, and sufficiently familiar not to
interfere with conversation and drinking:] Snakes and ladders? Ludo?
Snap? They generally provide scope for both sidestream vindictiveness
and vulgar jokes. Well snakes and ladders does... Anyways you should
have an idea from that.

There will also be a game of 'spot the miserable bugger'. And
photographic evidence will be obtained...  :]

Crash Space
- -----------

If you have crash space to offer and have not yet told me please please
do so asap.  If you need crash space then similarly please let me know.
I'm still putting people together, more in the next couple of days.

If you intend to come and haven't told me please drop me a line if you
can. It isn't essential but it is very helpful to the pub to have
reasonable idea of numbers.

Finally  a small flier for the ev-ent...


mpk, you are an inspiration :p


- -- 
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