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From: Karen <>
Subject: [F] Entmeet , London, first reactions....
Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000 17:34:54 +0100
Message-ID: <>

As you all know I don't write meet reports for the excellent reason that
I am entirely useless at such things. However...

But there is no way *this* meet is going to pass unreported [I am told
it was the biggest meet ever outside a major event] so as with the 'CCDE
Meet Under The Trees' I'm dropping in a cast list and a few random
moments to which I hope many of you will add some detail and memories of
your own. Anyone with some substantial posts to add will be particularly
smiled upon. It'll be a co-operative effort, except for Leo's bit
because he has promised to do a proper one at some point...[g]

The weather was lousy so thank you all for turning out in large numbers
to make a great meet. I hope everyone enjoyed it, even if it was a bit
of a squeeze :}

It was a nice combination of old and new faces, some I knew well and
some I had never met - exactly what I was hoping for, and as ever I wish
I had had more time to speak to each of you.
Many photographs were taken, Hamster's first on line:
but more to come shortly I hope :]

Random memories...Gideon the climbing frame, grown men begging for mercy
faced with little girls force feeding them spekkies [nasty vile
marshmallow things from .nl], mpk smiling occasionally, Paul Rood
turning supermodel :p, Tony Finch with marshmallows in his ears, Orjan
and Carmilla travelling for *hours* to get there due to train problems,
labels being abused outrageously, Arwen continuing her campaign to
convert the UK to kruisdrop [nice stuff actually:], gadget geeking,
people waving 6Gb MP3 players [spit spit], Peter and Julie arriving from
musical extravaganzas [well one of them anyway:], people in general
travelling long distances to come, the usual collection of toys,
tasteful gifts...and many many more.

Please add your memories too.

The Cast:

Leo Breebaart
Victoria Martin
Rebecca and Natasha
Karen/Vixen and Paul Rood
Awen Lune and Barry R
Johanna and Paul Kennedy
eric jarvis
Hamster and Kayla
David and Katrina
Rob Collier and Ailbhe Leamy
Gideon Hallet and Melusine
Rand Knight
Adrian Ogden
Julie Bluebottle and Peter Ellis
Ben Hutchings
Mike Knell
Chris [kheldar]
Alan Bellinghman and Colette Reap
John and Susi Underwood
Elaine, Jonathan and Edmund Simons
Orjan and Carmilla Westin
Penny Parkin
Piers Forrest
Tony Finch
Nick Caulfield
Janice Wright
Carl Emery
Kat Knight

which is 49, and I think everyone but please shout if I missed you.
Sadly a handful of hopefuls were missing due to RL interfering. Kat
Harris for instance, sent off to Glasgow :[.

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