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Durham 2.2: Report

From: Susan M <>
Subject: [F]Durham 2.2 meet report
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 14:45:24 +0000
Message-ID: <>

It all began on Friday night...

I was supposed to get to the UFie party at 6pm.  At 6.15 I noticed that
a) it was 6.15 and b) I had no idea where Aquarion was.  Investigation
occured.  He'd been playing Monkey Island [number].  I went to the Ufie
party, and located Aquarion some time later.  Durham is an easy place to
lose people in.

Only three of us were at the UFie party, but we had fun playing with the
webcam.  Since the RL party was in Vancouver things went on rather late,
and large amounts of coffee were needed to keep us awake.  We made an
appearance in both #userfriendly and #afp under various aliases owing to and BT cutting us off at regular intervals.  Aquarion: "BT -
putting the 'con' in connection."  We listened to the streaming from
Vancouver, and eventualy left at 5:45am.

Saturday evening I tracked down Aquarion once more, and we headed off to
Hild Bede bar to see who else turned up.  Armed with cuddly toys we were
easy to spot.  SarahRose turned up soon afterwards, and conversation
immediately headed towards hair.  Shim phoned, and received directions
on how to get to Hild Bede.  At first we didn't recognise him, as he had
rather less hair than we remembered.  Further investigation revealed
that he had rather less hair than he remembered as well.  Conversation
turned to the expected lifespan of anyone attempting to relieve either
me of SarahRose from our hair, before moving on to chocolate and how
Easter eggs should be solid.

None of us were altogether awake at this point, as SarahRose had been at
a college ball, and Shim had just had a birthday - this fact seemed to
be in some way related to his new hairstyle.  Even the application of
two bags of cccbs failed to produce enthusiasm.  Or maybe it was just
the music.  Christmas pop is *baaaad*.

At some point we were phoned by the London meet, and a brief
conversation was had with Dragon Prince and Greebo.  Conversation moved
on to the possibility of using my cuddly dragon as a bottle cover, and
the potentially corrupting effect this could have on Britain's youth. 
Cuddly toys have other advantages - they stop you getting hurt if you
fall asleep at the table.  Cuddly toy sculpture was attempted - photos
hopefully to follow.

Eventually Shim and Sarah left.  Aquarion made one more attempt to
balance all four cuddly toys on top of each other, before we eventually
gave up and decided sleep would be a good idea.  Which we all did,
despite getting through nearly 250g of cccbs.

I'm sure I've missed something - feel free to enlighten me.

Names for this meet:
The Meet with Two Bug Patches
The Meet Where No-one Was Awake

Quotes: None.  See above.
Afpfriend to James, Afpfiance to Rand, Chris and Dragon Prince
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